ASIFMA, together with our partners including ABAC, ADB, CEPS, GFMA, GIZ and ISDA, are pleased to present the APFF and ASIFMA Conference: Corporate Bonds, Repo & OTC Derivatives Developments in China.

This two-day conference provides a unique opportunity for experts from industry and the private sector as well as government and regulatory agencies to examine the various issues that are relevant to China in its effort to develop deep and liquid bond, repo and OTC derivatives markets.

The goal of the event is to help provide non-biased input from both domestic and foreign participants into the development of Chinese capital markets as China transitions from an export-driven economy to a consumption-driven one in a difficult global political environment.

The event is the open exchange of ideas between high-level participants. Keynote addresses, presentations and panel discussions serve to initiate and enhance an interactive dialogue, which is conducted under the Chatham House Rule.

Please view the Conference Agenda here.

See the conference photos here.

亚洲证券业与金融市场协会( ASIFMA)与亚太金融论坛( APFF)将于2017年3月16日至17日在威斯汀北京金融街酒店举办「公司债券、回购和场外衍生品市场发展大会」,合作伙伴包括亚太经合组织辖下商务咨询委员会( ABAC)、亚洲开发银行( ADB)、欧洲政策研究中心( CEPS)、德国国际合作机构( GIZ)及国际掉期交易协会( ISDA)。

会议第一天,将会重点关注中国公司债券市场,包括中国银行间债券市场开放(CIBM)以及讨论我协会对中国在岸债券市场调查的结果。第二天将讨论中国回购和场外衍生品市场 (包括净额结算的问题)。



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