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Cybersecurity is a growing threat to a range of industries across national borders, with potentially serious implications for the financial industry. ASIFMA has compiled various reports and articles listed below to raise awareness of the latest issues and policy proposals to inform interested parties of the rapid developments in the cyber world.

For more information on the financial industry’s position on cybersecurity, please click here.

The Financial Times Special Report: Cybersecurity

The number of companies reporting concerns about cyber security to US regulators more than doubled in the past two years to 1,174, according to official data. Commercial bankers and oil and gas producers were among those most worried about attacks. Awareness of cyber crime has definitely increased due to the severity of attacks.

Download the report here.     

Cybersecurity in the news

 SCMP:  Why China's draft cybersecurity law has chilling implications for the internet and multinationals
8 July, 2015  

 Bloomberg:  Cyber-Risk is 'Next Black Swan', uneven across the globe, says IOSCO's Medcraft
2 July, 2015  

 The European Council:  Data Protection: Council agrees on a general approach
15 June, 2015  

Korea Herald:  South Korea sets up security plan for Internet of Things
10 June, 2015  

 Times of India:  IT executives to government: Give local push to cybersecurity solutions
8 June, 2015  

 Financial Times:  Comment: Time for trading technology to grow up
5 June, 2015  

Wealth Management: Regulators say firms need reasonable data safeguards
2 June, 2015  

 Channel News Asia:  CSA holds first cyber security table-top exercise for banking, finance sector
26 May, 2015  

 WSJ:  Markets are Jumpy Over Coming Leap Second
18 May, 2015  

 Channel News Asia:  Singapore's Cyber Security Agency inks MoU with French Counterpart
18 May, 2015  

 Norton Rose Fulbright:  CFTC views cybersecurity and data integrity as top priorities; may issue regulations
4 May, 2015  

 Bank Indonesia:  Bank Indonesia and the Indonesian State Police to Coordinate to Prevent Cybercrime
28 April, 2015  

 Council of Europe:  Secretary General Jagland at Global Conference on Cyberspace
15 April, 2015  

 Reuters:  China's cyber laws could saddle firms with redundant data centers: U.S. lobby
14 April, 2015  

 SCMP:  Global Business Associations urge China to drop foreign tech 'black-list' for bank IT procurement
14 April, 2015  

Interpol:  Banks face new cyber security rules for vendors
13 April, 2015  

 USA Today:  Banks face new cyber security rules for vendors
9 April, 2015  

 WSJ:  Obama Unveils New Penalties for Overseas Cyberattacks
1 April, 2015  

Federal Reserve Bank of New York:  The Importance of Addressing Cybersecurity Risks in the Financial Sector 
24 March, 2015  

The UK Government:  Cyber security insurance: new steps to make UK world centre
23 March, 2015  

Reuters:  Global push aims to change China's mind on bank rules: U.S. Official
18 March, 2015  

Reuters:  U.S. Senate committee advances 'threat-sharing' cybersecurity bill
13 March, 2015  

Ministry of Communications and Information:  Speech by Dr Yaacob Ibrahi: Gearing up our infocomm industry for the future
6 March, 2015  

Channel NewsAsia:  Police to set up new Cybercrime Command in CID: Iswaran
6 March, 2015  

Economic Times:  Gulshan Rai becomes first chief of cyber security: post created to tackle growing e-threats
4 March, 2015  

Reuters:  China says tech firms have nothing to fear from anti-terror law
4 March, 2015  

Xinhua:  China responds to Obama's comments on cybersecurity
3 March, 2015  

The Financial Times:  Obama seeks reboot of China cyber laws
3 March, 2015  

Reserve Bank of India (Central Bank):  Emerging Issues in Cyber Security in the Financial Sector
2 March, 2015  

 On Wall Street:  Cyberattacks: Fighting Back
27 February, 2015  

 The New York Times:  Wall St. and Law Firms Plan Cooperative Body to Bolster Online Security
23 February, 2015  

 Financial Times:  Cyber criminals target trading algorithms
22 February, 2015  

 Reuters:  SEC on the prowl for cyber security cases
20 February, 2015  

 The U.S. White House:  President Obama speaks at the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and consumer protection
13 February, 2015  

 The U.S. OCC:  Keynote Speech by Beth Dugan, Deputy Comptroller for Market Risk
11 February, 2015  

 Economic Times:  India is best partner to combat shared cyber threats: US
10 February, 2015  

 Futuregov:  Malaysia must centralise cyber security, says Communications Minister
6 February, 2015  

 Futuregov:  Singapore to take ownership of communications systems due to cybersecurity concerns
5 February, 2015  

 The Hill:  Lawmakers offer bipartisan data security bill
29 January, 2015  

 The U.S. SEC:  SEC Alerts Investors, Industry on Cybersecurity
29 January, 2015  

 The Hill:  'We need to go further' on cyber
29 January, 2015  

 The Hill:  Senators hopeful on cyber info sharing bill
28 January, 2015  

 The Bank of England:  Cyber resilience: a financial stability perspective
23 January, 2015  

 Reuters:  Bank of England says lenders must do more to shore up cyber defences
23 January, 2015  

 The Hill:  SEC might release firms' cybersecurity exam results
8 January, 2015  

 Business Insider:  Cameron meets Obama, vows cyber security cooperation
16 January, 2015 

 Bloomberg:  Cyberians At The Gate: Your Business Under Attack
11 December, 2014  

 HSToday:  Congress Approves Cybersecurity Legislation
11 December, 2014  

 SIFMA:  SIFMA Submits Cybersecurity Testimony to Senate Banking Committee
10 December, 2014  

 The Hill:  DOJ to create dedicated cybersecurity unit
10 December, 2014  

 ABC:  Prime Minister Tony Abbott announces cyber security review, the first of its kind in six years
27 November, 2014  

 Sydney Morning Herald:  ASIC needs access to retained data to battle cyber crime, Greg Medcraft says
26 November, 2014  

ASIC:  Conquering the new frontier: Regulating for growth in the digital age
26 November, 2014  

 Xinhua:  Senior Chinese leader wants greater public sense of internet security
24 November, 2014  

 Wall Street Journal:  Financial firms bolster cybersecurity budgets
17 November, 2014  

 SIFMA:  SIFMA publishes recommendations for effective cybersecurity regulatory guidance
20 October, 2014  

The Times of India:  Cybercrime cases shot up in last 10 years: Telecom Minister
17 October, 2014 

 Fierce Government IT:  White House won't pursue single, large cybersecurity bill
13 October, 2014 

The U.S. Department of the Treasury:  OFR Teams with Fed to fill key gap in financial data
8 October, 2014  

The Financial Times:  New York bank regulator targets cyber threat
6 October, 2014  

The Japan Times:  Japan to hold cybersecurity talks with four other nations by March
6 October, 2014  

The Telegraph:  MPs investigate financial system's cyber weaknesses
4 October, 2014  

Reuters:  Top U.S. regulators warn bank over 'Shellshock' bug
26 September, 2014  

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation:  Remarks by FDIC Chairman Martin J. Gruenberg
22 September, 2014  

Fox Business:  New York Financial Regulator to focus on Cyber Security
22 September, 2014  

Politico:  The U.S. Government, The White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel: Cybersecurity in need of a new approach
18 September, 2014  

The Bank of England:  Quarterly Bulletin pre-release articles: 'Innovations in payment technologies and the emergence of digital currencies' and The economics of digital currencies' 
16 September, 2014  

The Economic Times:  Communications & IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad: International co-operation in cyber security should be enhanced
10 September, 2014  

GovInfoSecurity:  Senate Panel Assesses Cyberthreats
10 September, 2014  

The Hill:  Let's pass cybersecurity legislation
9 September, 2014  

Australian Securities & Investment Commission:  ASIC Chairman Greg Medcraft on cyber crime
3 September, 2014  

Financial Times:  Experts warn banks of more cyber attacks
31 August, 2014  

The Straits Times:  Singapore upgrades cyber security operations, includes wider detection capabilities
26 August, 2014  

Central Bank of Malaysia:  Demystifying Cyber Risks: Evolving Regulatory Expectations
25 August, 2014    

Financial Times:  Watchdog warns on danger of cyber attack
24 August, 2014

The Japan News: Cybersecurity 'experts' lacking in numbers, skills 
13 August, 2014  

The Wall Street JournalU.K. Financial Sector Eyeing Cyber Security Accelerators 
11 August, 2014 

The Korea HeraldKorea Strives to Raise Skilled Cyberspecialists 
10 August, 2014  

The Economic Times: Independent Directors Get Cracking; Tech Majors Build Cyber Fence
8 August, 2014

The Hill: Financial Groups Renew Cybersecurity Push
31 July, 2014 

The US Government, The US TreasurySecretary Lew Remarks on Cybersecurity at 4th Annual Delivering Alpha Conference
16 July, 2014 

Bloomberg: Banks dreading computer hacks call for cyber war council
8 July, 2014

Financial TimesBig Four Get Serious on Cyber Security
8 June, 2014

The Telegraph:  UK's financial services 'at risk' without greater effort on cybersecurity
8 June, 2014

The New York Times: Cyberattack Insurance a Challenge for Business
8 June, 2014

Think Advisor: Cybersecurity - What the Regulators May Do
27 May, 2014 

The US Government, The White House Blog: Assessing Cybersecurity Regulations 
22 May, 2014

Bloomberg: Tech Firms Pledge Open-Source Support After Heartbleed 
24 April, 2014  

Future Gov Asia: Singapore government focuses on Big Data, Open Data, Cloud & Security 
22 April, 2014

Cybersecurity Reports

PWC: Cyber: Think risk, not IT
April, 2015 

BISCyber resilience in financial market infrastructures
11 November, 2014 

DTCCCyber Risk - A Global Systemic Threat
October, 2014 

KPMGKPMG Cybercrime Survey Report 2014
21 July, 2014 

Deloitte ReportThe SEC's focus on cybersecurity and key insights for investment advisers
16 July, 2014 

The Economist Intelligence Unit Research ReportSharing the blame - How companies are collaborating on data security breaches
23 June, 2014

New York State - Department of Financial ServicesReport on Cyber Security in the Banking Sector
23 June, 2014

Atlantic Council: Beyond Data Breaches: Global Interconnections of Cyber Risk
23 April, 2014

U.S. SEC Report: U.S. SEC releases cyber security examination blueprint
15 April, 2014

NISTNIST Releases Cybersecurity Framework Version 1.0 
12 February, 2014

IOSCO-World Federation of Exchanges Report: Cyber-crime, securities markets and systemic risk
16 July, 2013  

Data in the news

The Japan Times:  Lower House OKs bills on accessing customer, banking data 
21 May, 2015

U.S Treasury - Treasury Notes Blog:  Better data, Better decisions, Better government
8 May, 2015

U.S Securities and Exchange Commission:  International Cooperation in a New Data-Driven World 
26 March, 2015

U.S Securities and Exchange Commission:  The Benefits of Structured Data for Investors 
24 March, 2015

Financial Times: Letters to the Editor -  Commit to removing legal barriers to data-sharing 
27 January, 2015

BBC: Barack Obama calls for stronger data privacy laws
12 January, 2015

FSB: FSB publishes Standards and Processes for Global Securities Financing Data Collection and Aggregation
13 November, 2014

ESMA: ODRG letter to FSB on barriers to reporting to trade repositories
21 August, 2014

European Commision: Factsheet EU-US - Negotiations on Data Protection
June, 2014


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