The registration has now been closed. 

The pre-registration system has been closed. All new interested parties will be considered as last-minute walk-in guests and please note the following arrangements for these requests:

1. Change your registration / Share your transferable delegate pass 

Go to the event venue on-site. Tell our receptionist there whom you replace. Present your business card. Our receptionist will manage the change of name on the original pass.

2. Add a delegate 

Additional admission pass can be bought at the reception desk of the event venue on-site. Delegate fee will apply. We accept cash payment in RMB and HKD only given the last-minute request. An official receipt will be sent to you via email after the event upon request. 

On-site Delegate Fee:

*Members of ASIFMA, Guests of NAFMII, Conference Sponsors and Endorsers – RMB700 / HKD900

*Non-Members – RMB900 / HKD1,160

No more complimentary pass is available except for approved regulator, buy side and corporate treasurer.

3. Cancel a registration 

Send your confirmation of cancellation to and ASIFMA will follow up accordingly.

Media Policy:

This conference is closed to the media. The Chatham House Rule applies throughout the event. ASIFMA reserves the right to revoke registration or deny access to the event.

ASIFMA reserves the right to remove, bar, or expel any attendee or guest from the conference for disruptive, disrespectful, or possibly illegal conduct, statements, or actions or for any reason which may tarnish the conference, ASIFMA, or its members, in ASIFMA's sole discretion.

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