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Asia-Pacific Markets Outlook 2015

Asia-Pacific Credit Outlook 2015


Are Australian And New Zealand Structured Finance Ratings Immune To A Growing Economic Imbalance? (5 Mar)

Stronger VIP Gaming Revenue Is Unlikely To Improve The Odds For Macau's Casino Operators In 2017 (1 Mar)

Hong Kong Banks To Continue On A Bumpy Ride In 2017 (2 Mar)

New Issuance Hit Record High In China's Securitization Market In 2016; Performance Stable In Most Sectors  (5 Mar)

Progress Will Be Slow For India's Banks In 2017  (28 Feb)

Pressures On Economy And Sovereign Support Are Main Threats To Australian Banks' Credit Quality (27 Feb)

China's Securitization Market Will Sustain Its Stability In 2017 (26 Feb) 

Sovereign Debt 2017: Asia-Pacific Borrowing Of US$2.6 Trillion Is Likely This Year (24 Feb)

Report Answers Questions On Credit Impact Of China's Declining Foreign Exchange Reserves (15 Feb)

Limited Upside For Singapore Banks In 2017 (15 Feb)

Policy Tightening For China's Property Sector Shows No Signs Of Abating (15 Feb)

Asia-Pacific Study: Economic Cycle Drives Changes In Sectoral Credit Quality (15 Feb)

Global Refinancing Study Dissects The $9.6 Trillion In Rated Corporate Debt Scheduled To Mature Through 2021  – (2 Feb)

Better Capital Management Is Crucial For The Credit Profiles Of Vietnam's Banks  – (2 Feb)

Australia Sovereign Downgrade Would Only Affect 'AAA' Rated States And Territories - (6 Feb)

S&P Global Ratings Answers Questions On China's Tightening Capital Controls  – (2 Feb)

Asia-Pacific Sovereign Rating Trends Stay Stable Despite Higher Number Of Negative Outlooks (10 Jan)

China Faces Tough Policy Choices On Capital Outflows (10 Jan)

Improving Oil Prices Should Afford ONGC Buffer For The Proposed GSPC Gas Field Acquisition (8 Jan)

Standard Chartered PLC's Proposed Additional Tier 1 Perpetual Subordinated Contingent Capital Securities Rated 'BB-' (10 Jan)

Widening Credit Spreads Could Accelerate Corporate Credit Downgrades (4 Jan)

The How And Why Of India's Demonetization (20 Dec)

Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co. (Hong Kong) Ltd. 'A' Rating Affirmed; Outlook Stable (22 Dec)

The Export-Import Bank of the Republic of China Assigned 'AA-/A-1+' Ratings; Outlook Stable (2 Jan)

China Life 'AA-', China Life Overseas 'A+' Ratings Affirmed Despite Continued Capital Weakness; Outlook Remains Negative (30 Nov)

CITIC Securities Co. Ltd. And CITIC Securities International Outlooks Revised To Stable; 'BBB/A-2' Ratings Affirmed (1 Dec)

Trump-Related Uncertainty Has Asia-Pacific Economies Holding Their Breath (7 Dec)

Australian ABS Asset Classes Continued To Perform Well In Q3 2016 (5 Dec)

China's Tighter "Teapot" Rules Could Increase Refining Margins In Asia (6 Nov)

Capacity Cuts Won't Immediately End Chinese Steelmakers' Woes (6 Nov)

MOF's Latest Statement Reiterates Concern Over Rising Local Government Debt In China (8 Nov)

U.S. 'AA+/A-1+' Ratings Affirmed Following Presidential Election; Outlook Remains Stable ( 9 Nov)

Chinese Distressed Asset Managers Are Morphing In The Wake Of Regulatory Changes (2 Nov)

China's Policy Shift Will Hamper Developers' Prospects (Nov 1)

Outlooks On 25 Australian Financial Institutions Revised To Negative On Rising Private Sector Debt And Property Prices (31 Oct)

Ratings On Seven Malaysian Banks Affirmed On Sound Fundamentals; Outlooks Stable – (31 Oct)

Weakness Continues In Asia-Pacific Despite Easier Financing; Eyes Remain On China (12 Oct)

Asia-Pacific Steadies While China Goes Silent (11 Oct)

Is China's Debt Growth Sustainable? (10 Oct)

Challenges And Risks That The Chinese Banks Are Facing (4 Oct)

China's Proposed Cuts In Solar And Wind Power Tariffs Will Normalize Returns For Generators, Have No Rating Impact (5 Oct)

Emerging Market Sovereign Credit Risks Are Rising, Says Report (3 Oct)

Ratings On Australian State Of New South Wales Affirmed At 'AAA/A-1+'; Outlook Remains Negative (25 Sep)

Outlook On State of South Australia Revised To Positive On Stronger Liquidity Coverage; 'AA/A-1+' Ratings Affirmed (22 Sep)

Crexit Ahead? S&P Global Ratings Analysts Delve Into The Data On Global Corporate Borrowing (26 Sep)

Services Trade Data Help Tell The Asia-Pacific Story (26 Sep)

Jiangsu New Headline Development Group Co. Ltd. And HK Zhiyuan Group Ltd. Outlooks Revised To Negative; Ratings Affirmed (8Sep)

Regional Australia Home Loan Arrears Outpace Cities In 2Q 2016; Western Australia Stays Top Of The Arrears Charts (8Sep)

China's Revised Corporate Bond Rules May Increase Risks For Lower-Tier LGFVs (8Sep)

New Green Bond And ESG Evaluation Tools Proposed By S&P Global Ratings (8Sep)

China Property Watch: Soaring Land Prices And Slowing Sales Prospects To Curtail Recovery (8Sep)

Singapore's Smaller Developers Are Vulnerable To Liquidity Risk (7 Sep)

Taiwanese Corporates Cling On To Profitability Amid Weakening Demand (1Sep)

Sifting For Signs Of The Next Swiber (31Aug)

Defaults Can Strengthen Credit Culture In China (29Aug)

New Zealand Financial Institution Ratings Unchanged Despite Property Price Concerns (22 Aug)

Hong Kong Ratings Affirmed At 'AAA/A-1+' And 'cnAAA/cnA-1+'; Outlook Remains Negative (22Aug)

Ratings On Development Bank of Mongolia Lowered To 'B-' After Sovereign Rating Action; Outlook Stable (22Aug)

China's Proposed Natural Gas Reforms Have No Immediate Credit Impact For Pipeline Operators (18Aug)

APAC Economic Snapshots: Economic Data From China And Japan Weaken Slightly (18Aug)

The Impact of Negative Interest Rates on the World’s Financial Markets and Economies (18Aug)

Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment: Mongolia (15Aug)

Credit FAQ Discusses Impact Of Korea Upgrade On The Country's Potential Structured And Covered Bond Transactions (10Aug)

APAC Economic Snapshots: Growth Outlook Slightly More Positive (21 Jul)

Global Corporate Credit: Despite An Inevitable Credit Correction, Debt Demand Will Swell To $62 Trillion Through 2020 (21 Jul)

After A Tough First Half, China's Corporates' Credit Trends Are Still Under Pressure (18 Jul)

China's GDP Growth Forecasts For 2016 And 2017 Raised As Credit-Heavy Pattern Continues (18 Jul)

Central Bank Policy Drives Investment In Indian Securitization Transactions (18 Jul)

Asia-Pacific Sovereign Rating Trends, Mid-Year 2016 (14 Jul)

Global Volatility Continues To Add Road Bumps And Risks In Asia-Pacific (13 Jul)

How Will The Recent Outlook Changes On Australia And Australian Major Banks Affect Australian And New Zealand Structured Finance Ratings? (12 Jul)

Global Economic Gloom Darkens 2016 Midyear Outlook For Japan-Based Corporates (8 Jul)

Australian Mining Services Companies Tread A Rocky Recovery (23 Jun)

Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment: Singapore (22 Jun)

Prolonged Weak Profitability Could Undermine Korean Banks’ Creditworthiness (21 Jun)

Growing Defaults In China Put Market Stability At Risk (21 Jun)

A Rough Market Cycle Could Reshuffle Chinese Investment-Grade Developers (20 Jun)

SAFE's New Rules May Spur Chinese Companies' Direct Offshore Bond Issuances (20 Jun)

Profitability Of Japan's Five Major Banking Group Could Weaken Further As Economic Slowdown Looms (27 May)

ASEAN Top Companies: Credit Quality Continues To Trend Down But At A Slower Pace (26 May)

Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment: Philippines (24 May)

Adequate Capital Buffers And Risk Controls Reinforce Expansion Plans For Large Taiwanese Banks (24 May)

Flexible Tariffs And Favorable Legislation Protect Port of Melbourne's Dominant Position (20 May)

China's Oil Majors Can Withstand Upstream Weakness In 1Q16 (6 May)

Age-Related Spending Will Weigh On Sovereign Ratings Despite Reform Progress (6 May)

2015 Annual Global Corporate Default Study And Rating Transitions (4 May)

Contingent Liabilities And Sovereign Risk In Emerging Markets: A Mounting Menace? (4 May)

China's Securities Firms Can Endure Stronger Market Volatility In 2016 (29Apr)

How China's Rebalancing Shifts The Ground Under All Of Asia-Pacific (28Apr)

Taiwan's Bond Market Could See Issuance Volume Decline And Credit Spreads Widen In 2016 (27Apr)

Japanese Corporate Moves To Increase Shareholder Returns Might Pressure Credit Quality (27Apr)

Sector Watch: Revenue Growth Is Waning For Greater China's Consumer Products, Gaming, Retail, And Telecoms (26Apr)

Standard & Poor’s Publishes March 2016 Issue of “ASEAN Credit Spotlight” E-Newsletter (31Mar)

Potential Fallen Angels Overshadow Potential Rising
Stars In Emerging Markets

Japan's Rebounding Yen Threatens The Country's Fiscal

Default, Transition, and Recovery: Upgrade Rate Rises For Japanese Structured Finance In 2015 (28Mar)

Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment: Thailand (18Mar)

Island Sovereigns' Creditworthiness Holds Steady Despite Some Undercurrents (18Mar)

Standard & Poor's Releases Monthly Economic Snapshots For Asia-Pacific, Sees Calmer Markets For Now (16Mar)

China's Housing Provident Fund Turns To Securitization To Free Up Cash And Boost Lending (15Mar)

India's New Oil And Gas Policies Could Improve Transparency And Investments In The Sector (14Mar) 

Asia-Pacific Refinancing Study--Nearly $1 Trillion Of Rated Corporate Debt Is Expected To Mature Through 2020 (24Feb)

The Philippines' Supportive Economy Underpins A Stable Outlook For Its Banking Sector In 2016 (24Feb)

Malaysia Banking Outlook 2016: Banks To Remain Resilient Despite Economic Road Bumps (22Feb)

Australian Banking Outlook 2016: Stable Amid Balanced Emerging Forces. (22Feb)

Will Home And Dairy Prices Sour The Performance Of
New Zealand Banks In 2016?

China's Cut To City-Gate Natural Gas Prices Will Fuel Volume Growth For Distributors (19Nov)

Macau Casinos Bet On New Gaming Capacity And Steadying Mass Market (18Nov)

Will Commoditization Dent Profits In The Global Smartphone Industry? (16Nov)

Alibaba Still Faces Competitive Risks Amid Startling Growth (12Nov)

Surging Singles' Day Sales Signal Growing Threat To China Retailers That Stay Offline (12Nov)

Asia-Pacific Reinsurers Face An Earnings And Growth Crunch (3 Nov)

Regulatory Sophistication Changes The Dynamics For Asia-Pacific Insurers (3 Nov)

Policy Tonics May Alleviate But Not Cure The Pain Facing China's Top Banks (3 Nov)

Risks For Chinese Insurers Could Rise As Higher Yields Lure Them Overseas (2 Nov)

Thailand's Sovereign Credit Support Continues A Gradual Slide As Policy Improvements Remain Distant (29 Oct)

Inside Credit: China, Commodity, Confidence, And Currency Crunch Will Rattle Asia-Pacific Countries To Different Degrees (29 Oct)

The Worst Isn't Over For China's Top Corporates (29 Oct)

Another Decline In Oil Prices Could Have Asia-Pacific Oil And Gas Companies Over A Barrel (28 Oct)

Booming Business For China's Financial Leasing Companies Brings Rising Risks (26 Oct)

Can Auto Loan Securitization In China Withstand A Macroeconomic Slowdown? (23Oct)

Transparent Regulations Are Needed To Fuel Power Investments In Malaysia And Indonesia (21Oct)

Moderating Growth And Rising Cash Put Acquisitions On Indian IT Companies' Radar (20Oct)

Capital And Government Support Emerge As Key Issues In Australia's Financial System Inquiry (20Oct)

Asia-Pacific Banks Are Holding Up But China's Developers Are Vulnerable Under Housing Stress (19Oct)

Islamic Finance To Still Grow In 2016 But With A Sag (19Oct)

Tougher Tests Await Developers In Hong Kong's Surging Property (28 Aug)    



CreditMatters TV

Asia-Pacific Sovereign Rating Trends: July 2016 (13 Jul)

China's Sovereign Rating Outlook Is Revised To Negative (31Mar)

Chinese Developers Increased Leverage May Offset Sales From Recovery (16Mar)


What’s The Rating Outlook For Australia’s Banking Sector? (24Feb)

What’s The Rating Outlook For New Zealand’s Banking Sector? (24Feb)


Chinese Banks Face Growing Gaps In Credit Quality As Smaller Lenders Attract Greater Risk (15Nov)

Global Corporate Defaults Hit Their Second-Highest Level In 11 Years (10Nov)

Why Japanese Companies Are Scooping Up A Record Amount Of Overseas M&A (10Nov)

Chinese Developers Are Vulnerable Under Housing Stress (28 Oct)

China’s Surging Subnational Government Debt – Will This Trend Continue? (27 Oct)

China’s Financial Leasing Sector Brings Rising Risks As The Sector Grows (26 Oct)

Will Housing Market Stress Hurt Asia-Pacific Banks? (22 Oct)

Islamic Finance Outlook 2016 – What Challenges Will It Face? (19 Oct)

Emerging Asia Telecom Sector: Low Leverage And Strong Growth Support Credit Quality (26 Aug)

ASIA-Pacific Regulators Ease Rules For REITs (18 Aug)

China’s New Exchange Rate Regime: Structural Reform Or Competitive Devaluation? (14 Aug)

Mid-Year 2015 Asia-Pacific Sovereign Ratings Update - 21 July

How Additional Loss-Absorbing Capacity May Influence Ratings On Asia-Pacific Banks? - 29 April

What’s The Recent Trend On Japanese Insurers’ Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)? - 26 April

What Could Happen Next To Indonesian Banks As Funding Tightens - 23 April

More Chinese Developers Could Default In 2015 - 23 April

Will China's Fiscal Reforms Support Its Creditworthiness Over Time? - 22 April

What Could Derail India’s Infrastructural Improvements? - 14 April

India’s Top 100 Corporates: What Are Key Risks And Trends? - 2 April

S&P Predicts $30 Billion Corporate Green Bond Issuance In 2015, But Challenges Lie Ahead - 23 March

Economic Update With Paul Gruenwald: Asia-Pacific Growth Forecast Lowered For 2015/2016 - 11 March

Why Oil Prices Won't Rebound Anytime Soon - 10 March


Economic Woes Dent Recovery Prospects For Indian Banks - 08 August

Economic Woes Dent Recovery Prospects For Indian Banks - 08 August

Abenomics Help Japanese Banks Shore Up Revenues? - 30 July

How Would Tightening Liquidity Affect The Profitability Of China's Banks? - 27 June 

How The Recent Volatility In Global Market Is Impacting Korean Banks - 28 June 


Bank Rating Methodology And Assumptions: Additional Loss-Absorbing Capacity - 29 April

S&P Requests Comments On Rating Hybrid Capital Instruments Issued By Banks, Prudentially Regulated Finance Companies - 7 February

Standard & Poor's Publishes Requests For Comment On Proposed Corporate Criteria
Standard & Poor's Ratings Services published Request for Comment articles on its proposed criteria for corporate ratings. The proposed criteria represent a comprehensive enhancement to our existing methodology for rating non-financial corporate issuers on a global basis.
We encourage interested market participants to submit their written comments on the proposed criteria by Sept. 16, 2013 here.
More information on the proposed criteria can be found on www.standardandpoors.com/corpcriteria

Insurance Framework

S&P releases criteria for insurance ratings and Insurance Industry Country Risk Assessments.

Criteria Documents, supporting commentaries, and related videos, are available online at http://www.standardandpoors.com/ratings/ins/criteria/en/eu

Bank Ratings Framework

S&P Releases Criteria For Bank Ratings, Banking Industry Country Risk Assessments,And Group Methodology.

Criteria documents, supporting commentaries, and related videos, are available online at www.standardandpoors.com/ai4fi.


ASEAN Regional Ratings Scale

Standard & Poor's expanded coverage of the ASEAN regional rating scale to over 120 issuers to meet growing demand from investors participating in Southeast Asia's capital markets, in November 2012. For more information, please see links below:

Greater China Credit Rating Scale

Standard & Poor's launched the Greater China credit rating scale, the first credit rating benchmark developed for Greater China region, in April 2011. For more information, please see links below:

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