London Renminbi Markets Conference – Co-organised by AFME, ASIFMA and GFMA

14 November 2014, London

About the Event

The London Renminbi Markets Conference, organised by ASIFMA in partnership with AFME and GFMA’s FX division, took place on Friday 14 November 2014.  

ASIFMA has organised four successful conferences in Asia on the Renminbi market for its members and guests and these have received endorsement support from the regional policy-makers, industry influencers and market practitioners from both sell side and buy side. Participants expressed strong interest in bringing the conference to Europe to promote deeper understanding of the Renminbi and to enhance linkages and dialogue between the newly created Renminbi centres in Europe and China and the established centres in Asia.

As London becomes a key Renminbi centre outside Asia, this event brought together high-level regulators, members of ASIFMA, AFME (GFMA’s FX Division) and invited guests to discuss new developments in the Renminbi markets including the recently announced Hong Kong – Shanghai Stock Connect.

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About the Event

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