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China’s Capital Markets Continuing to Navigate the Road Ahead

Research  |  ASIFMA Infrastructure Conference 2018  |  March 2018

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of Deng Xiaoping’s reform and opening-up. Over the last 40 years, China has witnessed progressive liberalisation of its capital markets and its contribution to the world economy, with China now being the world’s second largest economy.

China’s Capital Markets: Navigating the Road Ahead

Research  |  China  |  March 2017

China’s capital markets have developed at a pace that has few parallels in history. In some sectors of the financial industry, such as digital payments, China today sets an example for the rest of the world.

Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect FAQ

Research  |  China  |  December 2016

China maintains a “closed” capital account, which means investors can move money into and out of China only subject to strict rules. Over the past 15 years or so Chinese authorities have been gradually opening its capital markets, via tightly controlled programs, to allow some foreign participation in China’s capital markets.

RMB Series: Panda Bonds - On the Cusp

Research  |  China  |  June 2016

Ever since China embarked on its series of economic reforms in the 1970s, the country’s rapid progress that has placed it among the leading economies of the world has been unparalleled.

ASIFMA Report: Access Programs and Reforms in the Cross-Border RMB Market

Research  |  China  |  April 2016

On 1 December 2015, the IMF announced that RMB will be included in the basket of currencies comprising IMF’s Special Drawing Rights. This represents the recognition of RMB at the highest level of global finance and an acknowledgement of the efforts of the PRC authorities in the past decade to broaden the onshore and offshore access to the PRC capital markets.

ASIFMA RMB Roadmap - May 2014

Research  |  China  |  May 2014

A combination of factors has driven the emergence of China as a global player on the world economic stage and the time is finally ripe for the Chinese currency, the renminbi (RMB), to take its place among the leading currencies of the world.

ASIFMA Paper: China Government Bond Market Roadmap - April 2014

Research  |  China  |  April 2014

China’s economy is at a pivotal crossroads. With its strategic emphasis on export-oriented growth, China has transformed itself into the world’s second largest economy within the last two decades, powered by a labor-intensive manufacturing sector and extensive domestic investment.

Hong Kong

The GFMA and ICMA Repo Market Study: Post-Crisis Reforms and the Evolution of the Repo and Broader SFT Markets

Research  |  Regional  |  December 2018

The Global Financial Markets Association (GFMA) and the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) have today published a report, The GFMA and ICMA Repo Market Study: Post-Crisis Reforms and the Evolution of the Repo and Broader SFT Markets, which assesses the impact of post-crisis regulation on the functioning of the global repo and securities financing transactions (SFT) markets.

ASIFMA Leading Principles for Regulation of Outsourcing

Research  |  Regional  |  July 2018

ASIFMA is an independent, regional trade association with over 100 member firms comprising a diverse range of leading financial institutions from both the buy and sell side, including banks, asset managers, law firms and market infrastructure service providers.

Asian Infrastructure Project Bonds: Attracting Foreign Investors

Research  |  Regional  |  August 2016

This initiative started in October 2015. ASIFMA put together a working group to discuss with its members what could be done in Asia to help facilitate private sector funding of infrastructure projects via capital markets and through project bonds or other adequate instruments. Infrastructure has emerged as a distinct, fast growing asset class over the past years.

ASIFMA-ICMA Guide to Infrastructure in Asia

Research  |  Regional  |  August 2016

On behalf of ASIFMA and ICMA, we are delighted to introduce this Guide to Infrastructure Financing in Asia. This Guide is addressed to public authorities, project sponsors, project promoters and issuers seeking to raise finance for Asia Pacific infrastructure projects.

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