Barnaby Nelson

CEO &Founder

Barney is CEO and founder of the ValueExchange – a global market research house that specialises in helping to make the case for meaningful transformation in the world’s capital markets.

Working with an international team of experts, Barney’s attention is focused on delivering actionable, statistical insights on key market dynamics – with an emphasis on digitisation, post-trade processing, asset servicing innovation and on supporting growth in key emerging markets.

Throughout Barney’s career, he has focused on market structure and connectivity as a key theme. Having been intimately involved in the design and launch of the Hong Kong – China Connect programmes, he has since worked with regulators, global exchanges, clearing houses, brokers and investors to ensure that new technologies (such as DLT, AI and others) can be smoothly deployed as players reach for ever improving levels of efficiency.

Prior to the ValueExchange, Barney worked for over 20 years in the post-trade capital markets space. Until 2018, he led Standard Chartered Bank’s custody business in Asia and prior to that he launched BNP Paribas’ custody business in Asia.