David Knott

Chief Architect
HSBC Technology

David is the Chief Architect for HSBC, and is accountable for all technology design decisions across the organisation. To do this, David leads a team of 150 senior architects, aligned to each business unit and region, as well as a practice of approximately 1,200 architects distributed across Technology.

David’s goal is to ensure that HSBC makes the best possible use of technology to secure, grow and transform our business. He has a particular focus on digital, data, Cloud, cyber security, automation, DevOps, APIs and integration, and machine learning.

Since David joined HSBC in 2015 he has led design for our Digital platform architecture and our DevOps programme, and has developed our Cloud strategy which is now being implemented in partnership with Google, Amazon and Microsoft. He has also worked on the development of talent in the architecture team and the design capability in HSBC Technology, transforming his leadership team, and embedding designers more deeply into DevOps teams.

Prior to joining HSBC, David worked in technology leadership roles in a range of industries, including banking, insurance, media, utilities, transportation, consulting and IT services.

Immediately before joining HSBC, David led Architecture Consulting globally for Wipro Technologies, building a capability which was recognised by Forrester Research as leading the industry. David’s most recent banking experience before Wipro was at Lloyds Banking Group, where he led design for central parts of the integration of Lloyds and Halifax, for the creation of the TSB as a separate bank, and for enterprise wide transformation initiatives.

David gained his graduate and post-graduate degrees from the Open University while working full time, and holds a PhD in Ethics.