Gary O’Brien

Regional Head of Custody Product, APAC
BNP Paribas

Gary is the Head of Clearing and Custody Product for Asia Pacific. He ensures the effective implementation of the global best practicesin custody and clearing across BNP Paribas locations within Asia-Pacific. With a focus on client-centric strategies, he oversees the development and enhancement of products with BNP Paribas clients’ best interests in mind.

InAsia-Pacific’s dynamic regulatory and technological landscape, Gary utiliseshis market and custodial expert knowledge to implement efficient,personalisedclientsolutions. Heishighly active in BNP Paribas’ digitaltransformationinitiatives (such asthe use of robotics, blockchain, artificial intelligenceand data solutions) and ensures thatthey are executedin the most appropriate way for clients in the Asia-Pacificregion.

Garyhas worked for BNP Paribas for 13 years in Australia and Hong Kong. For his first sixyearswith the bank, he heldoperational roles dealing with daily processing tasks, which has allowedhim to develop a client-centric mindset.

Gary has experienceworking on transformational projects; including setting up thebank branch of BNP Paribas Securities Services in Australia and growingthe business across the investment spectrum.