Grace Cheung

General Manager Sustainability
Cathay Pacific Airways

Grace Cheung is General Manager Sustainability at Cathay Pacific. Leading the Group Sustainability Department, Grace oversees sustainability strategy and ESG performance of the whole Cathay Group. Under Grace’s leadership, sustainability has changed from a standalone specialist function to an integrated strategic and operational imperative in the airline group.

During Grace’s tenure, Cathay Pacific has committed for its net zero carbon emissions goal by 2050, supported by its mid-term target for using 10% sustainable aviation fuel by 2030. The airline has also launched the first major Corporate Sustainable Aviation Fuel Programme in Asia in 2022.

Grace has also led Cathay’s effort in reducing its environmental footprint on materials and waste. The airline has reduced its customer-facing single-use plastic items from an average of 7.7 pieces per passenger in 2019 down to 3.1 in 2023. A new target is set to bring it down further to 1.5 pieces per passenger by 2025.

Grace represents Cathay in a number of industry working groups advocating for supportive policies and best practices sharing for further development of  sustainability in the airline industry. Grace is the Chair of the Environment & Sustainability Board at the oneworld alliance and the Vice Chair of the Sustainability & Environment Advisory Council at the International Air Transport Association (IATA).