Joseph Meyer (2019 Annual)

Chi-X Asia Pacific Holdings Limited

In 2016 Mr. Meyer joined Chi-X Asia Pacific Holdings in Hong Kong as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer under the ownership of private equity firm JCFlowers.

He received his B.A. in Government and East Asian Studies from Colby College in 1979. Upon graduation he was awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship spending one year in Indonesia. Mr. Meyer began his career in banking with Morgan Guaranty Trust Company and later Morgan Stanley in New York. In 1992 he moved to Tokyo as regional Treasurer, and in 1995 to Hong Kong as Regional Head of Finance, Administration and Operations, Member of the Executive Committee. In 2000 Mr. Meyer became Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Deutsche Securities in Tokyo, and in 2004 Managing Director of Deutsche Asset Management in New York. He returned to Japan in 2008 as Chief Operating Officer of Shinsei Bank in Tokyo. Following that he founded and became CEO of Alternative Trading System operator, Chi-X Japan Limited. In 2011-12, he worked as Chief Administrative Officer of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing. From 2012 through late 2016, Mr. Meyer returned to Tokyo as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Aflac’s Global Investments Division.