Praz Mathiannal

Blockchain Investor, Crypto Trader & Miner

Praz Mathiannal (a.k.a Praz) is a multi-faceted technology proponent with varied pursuits (AI, Big Data, Blockchain, CyberSecurity and IoT), chief amongst them being Blockchain. Banker by the day and Technologist by night, he is a respected Thought Leader in the Blockchain space and has been active in the Blockchain Community (especially in Asia) since late 2015. A Blockchain Entrepreneur and Investor himself, he has mentored startups in Blockchain, CyberSecurity and IoT space. As an active member of the first MIT Fintech Cohort in 2016, he is actively connected to several global Fintech Networks and Forums and spearheaded the launch of Fintech Connector, a globally community of Fintech-enablers, in HK. He loves learning and teaching and has embarked on a mission to spread honest awareness about all things Blockchain with a focus on Blockchain Architecture, Consensus Protocols, DApps and the emerging field of Tokenomics.

Praz is also a strong advocate of Fair Treatment, Equal Opportunities, Gender Neutrality and Female Entrepreneurship. He believes in the transformative Power of Youth and enjoys helping young talented people to discover and unleash their hidden strengths to achieve path-breaking accomplishments that could potentially re-define Our Future.