Ramesh Moosa

Partner, Forensic Services

Ramesh is a partner in the PwC Forensic Services practice in the Greater China region and leads the Digital Forensics and eDiscovery practice.  Ramesh has over 23 years of experience and has worked at PwC offices in Singapore, United States, Hong Kong & China to provide forensic investigations, eDiscovery, investigative analytics and cybersecurity Services to multi-nationals, law firms and public sector organizations including regulators in the financial services industry.  Prior to joining PwC in 2000, Ramesh was a Senior Law Enforcement Officer in Singapore. Ramesh leverages his strong technology expertise to bring a data/analytics driven approach to conducting investigations. Ramesh has directed investigations into financial crimes, infringements of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), cybercrime,  employee mis-conduct and other fraud matters in the US and in Asia.  Many of these investigations have been driven by regulators such as the US Securities and Exchange Commission, US Department of Justice, Hong Kong (HK) Securities and Futures Commission and Hong Kong Monetary Authority.  He has also provided expert testimony in the High Court of the Hong Kong SAR and expert reports for the High Court of Singapore and the Singapore International Arbitration Centre on cases involving software copyright infringement, theft of confidential corporate data and other dispute related matters.