Rudra Narayan Kar

  • Currently Chief Executive Officer, Financial Benchmarks India Pvt Ltd., responsible for development and administration of financial benchmarks in the areas of interest rates, foreign exchange and derivative instruments in India.
  • Have 20 years of experience in Reserve Bank of India in formulating and implementing central bank policies for the financial markets covering money market, Government securities market, foreign exchange market, management of public debt and reserves management.
  • During the period 2006-2011: Actively involved in the preparation of sovereign debt management strategies for central and state government, conduct of market borrowing program, and development of Government securities market and regulation and supervision of Primary Dealers.
  • Worked as a Consultant to Commonwealth Secretariat on Debt management for the Government of Tonga (2011).
  • Participated as Resource Person for the capacity¬†building program of MEFMI on Financial Market (2009).