Srinivas Varadarajan

Managing Director, Head Fixed Income and Currencies, India
Deutsche Bank AG

Srinivas has over 20 years of experience in markets. He has worked extensively in India and the Asian region. He was part of the foundation team at ISEC which was amongst the first PD’s to be set up in India. Subsequently, he spent many years at JP Morgan helping set up the markets business in India . He has worked across desks trading Govt Bonds/Corporate Bonds / Swaps/FX. He ran the balance sheet for JP Morgan at India and worked with the Chief Investment Office (CIO). At the CIO he traded Asian Macro from Singapore. Subsequently he worked with Credit Suisse at Asia local markets HF coverage. Prior to Deutsche Bank he was part of the foundation team setting up a Macro Fund and was a portfolio Manager at the Investment Management Company – Mount Nathan Capital Management Company at Singapore. He has since returned to India and currently running the FIC business for Deutsche Bank in India.