Tara Dermott

Head of Sub-Office
International Organization for Migration (IOM) Hong Kong SAR, China

Tara Dermott is the Head of the UN Migration Agency, IOM Hong Kong SAR, China Sub-Office where she leads a dynamic team committed to supporting diverse migrant populations and the communities wherein they live. Current priorities include: promoting ethical recruitment of migrant workers; strengthening access to justice for trafficked persons; facilitating safe movement of vulnerable migrants; and continuing engagement with public and private sectors to realize the many positive benefits of labour migration. As a strategic and experienced leader, Tara works with governments, civil society and industry leaders to collaboratively design and deliver innovative programs to prevent human trafficking, modern slavery and forced labour. From high profile media campaigns with positive messaging, through to the facilitation of practical training at the factory level, her work is grounded in over 17 years of technical experience and fueled by a passion for
identifying and sustaining people-centred solutions.