Thijs Aaten

Chief Finance and Risk Officer (CFRO)
APG Asset Management Asia

Thijs Aaten currently serves as Chief Finance and Risk Officer (CFRO) of APG Asset Management Asia. In this role he is responsible for risk management, compliance and finance. Mr. Aaten is an experienced all-round executive demonstrated by his 20 years’ experience in Asset Management. Prior to his role as CFRO of APG Asset Management Asia, he established the APG Treasury Center, a licensed investment firm which acted as the central dealing desk and counter party for APG’s clients and funds. By making use of available netting opportunities in derivatives trading and cash management this entity saved APG’s clients material trading and operational costs. During and in the years after the credit crisis of 2008 he managed a €200 billion pension fund portfolio as Managing Director Allocation & Overlay Management and positioned it successfully for recovery in 2009.

Mr. Aaten is also a member of the Investment Committee for the pension fund for painting, decorating and glazier businesses, next to his board membership of ISDA, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association.

Mr. Aaten studied economics at the ‘Vrije Universiteit’ in Amsterdam and he completed a Bachelor of Business Administration at Nijenrode. He is also a CFA and CMT charter holder.