Tim Batho (2020 India)

Chief Strategist, Index Policy, Asia
FTSE Russell

Tim Batho is the Chief Strategist, Index Policy, Asia Pacific for FTSE Russell.

Previously, Tim has held senior positions at a number of investment management, asset owner and broking businesses in the UK and Australia, although his roles have typically been regional or global in nature. He has extensive technical knowledge focused on implemented consulting, quantitative investment management, active and passive strategies and derivatives. He has a particular interest in market microstructure.

Although relatively new to FTSE Russell, Tim has been involved with their advisory committees for more than 25 years and chairs several of these advisory forums. He has been Chairman of the Asia Pacific Equity Advisory Committee since inception in 2000, a member of the Country Classification Advisory Committee since its inception, and the committee Chairman for almost 10 years and is the Chairman of the Asia Pacific Fixed Interest Advisory Committee.