Tom Alaerts (2020 Tech and Ops)

Director, Standards, Asia Pacific

Tom is a specialist of the ISO 20022 financial messaging standard, and will thus facilitate working groups and advise financial institutions. Tom is in addition responsible for SWIFT’s standards tools and related services in Asia Pacific. He also focuses on the reuse of ISO 20022 concepts in new technologies, such as APIs.

Tom joined the training department in SWIFT in 1998, and he worked in Standards since 2008. Tom has been responsible for promoting SWIFT’s MyStandards message standards management product suite in Asia Pacific since he moved to Singapore in January 2012. In October 2013, Tom moved to Hong Kong. Prior to his current role, Tom was working in marketing, responsible for the regional KYC Registry, sanctions screening and reference data strategy; and for advocating solutions for business intelligence and liquidity management.

Tom graduated from the University of Leuven, in Belgium, in 1992 with a degree in Electro-mechanical Engineering.