Yotaro Takahara (2019 Annual)

International Affairs
The Investment Trust Association, Japan

Yotaro Takahara has been working for Japan Investment Trusts Association (JITA) to set up the exporting scheme of “Asia Region Funds Passport” (ARFP) from Japan to Australia, New Zealand, Korea and Thailand since June 2016. On top of ARFP, he has become responsible for the international affairs of JITA since April 2019, including the relationship with overseas fund associations, such as ICI (US), AMAC (China) and FSC (Australia). Prior to joining in JITA in June 2016, he worked for SESC and FSA Japan from 2012 to 2016 for the inspection of the asset managers and the monitoring of the asset management industry including pension funds and investment trusts. In 2015, he was awarded by SESC for his analysis on the asset managers and the industry. Prior to that, he worked for Asset Management One (London/Tokyo) and US asset managers (Tokyo) consecutively for 20 years.