COO Markets Committee


The COO Markets Committee is responsible for defining priorities and strategies for advocacy relating to issues that impact the market COO’s business operations and structure in Asia, ex-Australia and Japan. The Committee will act via ASIFMA as an advocate and educator for the industry to the public and regulators on these matters. The objectives of the Committee are to share best practices, facilitate regulatory implementation projects, and drive regulatory advocacy on matters pertaining to the COO’s remit.
There are subgroups under the Committee that focus on specific issues which include i) Cybersecurity & Technology Risk ii) KYC Standardisation iii) Operational Resilience.

Key Contact(s)
Laurence Van der Loo

Managing Director – Technology & Operations

Tel +65 6622 5972


Celina Leung

Senior Manager – Technology & Operations

Tel +852 2531 6523


Leonardo Troeman

Analyst – Technology & Operations

Tel +65 6622 5973

Fatema Bookwala

Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer Markets and Securities Services, ASEAN, HSBC

Working Groups/Sub-Committees
  • Cybersecurity & Technology Risk Working Group

The objectives of the Cybersecurity & Technology Risk WG are to reduce regional and global fragmentation in cybersecurity and technology risk frameworks (governance, reporting, assurance), promote best practices for cybersecurity and technology risk management, and support public private initiatives to increase cybersecurity prevention.

  • KYC Standardisation Working Group

The objective of the KYC Standardisation WG is to advocate through consultation responses and letter submissions to regional regulators.

  • Operational Resilience Working Group

The objective of the Operational Resilience WG is to support regulatory efforts on Operational Risk & Resiliency, by developing best practices reflective of industry developments.