Global FX Division Asia Committee


The GFXD Asia Committee contributes to the division’s global FX market advocacy and promotes consistency on regulatory and infrastructure development across the region.  The committee aims to strike a balance between the division’s global positions under the G20 commitments while also accommodating the unique characteristics of local Asian markets.  The Asia Committee also provides a platform for regional FX business heads and COOs to discuss issues relevant to their businesses and formulate regional views on global issues, which are consolidated at the global level with the GFXD Steering and Operations Committees’ policy objectives.

GFXD initiatives in Asia are managed by the GFXD’s Asia representative and funded and supported separately by GFXD members.

See the GFXD webpage for more information.

Key Contact(s)
John Ball

Managing Director, GFXD Asia

Tel +65 6622 5971

Stewart Bell

Regional COO, BNY Mellon

Vice Chair(s)


Working Groups/Sub-Committees
  • Benchmarks WG
  • Capital Efficiency WG
  • Emerging Markets WG