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Overview 概述 :

Dates: Monthly, January 2022 – December 2022

Location: Webinar via Zoom (supported by exclusive access to the Series on ASIFMA Portal)

Following 2 seasons of our highly successful ASIFMA Training Series in English, with over 900 registrants across both programs, we are pleased to bring to you ASIFMA Training Series – China Edition: Asia Financial Markets Explained. This China Edition will be conducted in Putonghua (Mandarin).

亚洲证券业与金融市场协会(亚证协)在首两期的培训系列大获成功,共计900名学员参与以英文进行的课程。现诚意推出ASIFMA 亚证协培训系列—中国篇:解释亚洲金融市场,本期中国篇培训用普通话授课。

Objective 目的 :

  • As Chinese capital markets are expanding and China firms are opening up to international markets, there is a need for rising markets professionals to be in the know on the latest/ emerging topics in Asia markets. The China Edition is aimed at getting rising market professionals up to speed on emerging areas in financial markets within Asia.
  • Series of monthly interactive training sessions on key emerging topics relevant to the Asian financial industry.
  • Delivered by expert trainers from our network of leading Financial Institutions, participants will be confident they are learning from a source accredited by the industry.
  • 随着中国资本市场扩展以及中国公司走向国际市场,新锐市场人才需要熟悉亚洲金融市场的最新及重要话题。本期中国篇培训旨在助力新锐市场人才掌握亚洲金融市场的最新动向
  • 每月一堂互动式培训,聚焦亚洲金融产业相关重要新话题
  • 聆听来自行业领先金融机构专家授课,通过可靠资讯,透视行业动向。

Monthly Training Session Format 月度培训形式 :

  • Interactive virtual training session of 60-90 mins in Putonghua (Mandarin)
  • Introduction to the topic in a dynamic format, including use of surveys, polling and Q&A
  • Exclusive access to an online repository containing educational resources, including the related session presentation provided by the trainers, background materials on each topic, as well as videos on-demand.
  • 互动式线上培训,每节60-90分钟,普通话授课
  • 通过问卷投票问答环节等形式,动态式讲解各话题
  • 获得线上资源库独家访问权限,获取教育资源(包括课程讲师提供的相关材料)、各话题背景材料和视频点播等资源。

Topics, Schedule 话题与日期 :

Our full list of topics is below.

  • International Bond Markets and Southbound Bond Connect (17 Jan 2022)
  • Data, Privacy and the Cloud (22 Feb 2022)
  • How Global Firms Approach Risk Management (15 Mar 2022)
  • Regulatory Dynamics: China and Offshore Standards (12 Apr 2022)
  • Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) (19 May 2022)
  • Accelerating the Settlement Cycle: T+0/ T+1/ T+2 (16 Jun 2022)
  • ESG and Sustainable Finance (12 Jul 2022)
  • CNY vs CNH: Trading and Settlement (11 Aug 2022)
  • Digitalisation: Tokenised Securities and CBDCs Explained (29 Sep 2022)
  • Derivatives in and outside China: Exchange Traded, OTC and Netting (17 Oct 2022)
  • Primary Markets: Chinese IPOs and Bond Issuance Explained (22 Nov 2022)
  • Greater Bay Area Development: Current and Future Schemes (13 Dec 2022)


  • 国际债券市场与债券南向通 (2022年1月 17日)
  • 数据、隐私与云 (2022年2月22日)
  • 全球机构的风险管理 (2022年3月15日)
  • 监管动态:中国与离岸标准 (2022年4月12日)
  • 非银行金融机构(NBFIs)(2022年5月19日) 
  • 加速结算周期:T+0/ T+1/ T+2 (2022年6月16日) 
  • 环境、社会和管治(ESG)与可持续金融 (2022年7月12日)
  • 在岸人民币与离岸人民币:交易和结算 (2022年8月11日)
  • 数字化:代币化证券与央行数字货币(CBDC)(2022年9月29日)
  • 境内与境外的衍生品:场内、场外与净额结算 (2022年10月17日)
  • 一级市场:中国IPO与中资债券境外发行 (2022年11月22日)
  • 大湾区发展:当前与未来规划 (2022年12月13日)

Trainer Profile 讲师简介 :

  • Global and Asian industry experts and senior representatives from our network of leading financial institutions from both the buy and sell side, including banks, asset managers, law firms, market infrastructure providers and consultancies who have been specifically selected for their knowledge and skills by ASIFMA directors and related member committees.
  • ASIFMA is committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion in our workplace and this policy is applied in all areas of our business including speaker roles at our trainings and conferences.
  • 亚证协的领导层和相关成员委员会从亚证协网络中精心挑选知识和技能最符合培训主题的全球与亚洲行业专家和高级代表,包括买卖两侧的行业领先金融机构,如银行、资管、律所、市场基础设施提供商、咨询公司。
  • 亚证协致力于促进工作场所中的背景多样与包容性。这适用于我们业务的方方面面,包括培训和会议中的发言嘉宾选择。

Topic 1: International Bond Markets and Southbound Bond Connect
第1讲: 国际债券市场与债券南向通

  • Patrick Wu, MD, Head of Linear FX and Emerging Markets Trading, Asia, Credit Agricole
  • Yin Ge, Partner, Han Kun Law Offices
  • Michael Chen, Head of China, Tradeweb

Topic 2: Data, Privacy and the Cloud
第2讲: 数据、隐私与云

  • David Jiang, Partner – Cybersecurity & Privacy, Deloitte China
  • Grace Yu, Partner, Fangda Partners
  • Ying Han, Executive Director, Head of APAC Technology and Cybersecurity Policy and Partnerships, J.P. Morgan

Topic 3: How Global Firms Approach Risk Management
第3讲: 全球机构的风险管理

  • Binbin Li, Managing Director, FI Risk Head for Greater China & Insurance Risk Head for APAC, Citi
  • Hengzhuo Ge, Managing Director, Gao Hua Securities Limited
  • Ellen Mao, Counsel, Han Kun Law Offices

Topic 4: Regulatory Dynamics: China and Offshore Standards
第4讲: 监管动态:中国与离岸标准

  • Ellen Mao, Counsel, Han Kun Law Offices
  • Helen Fok, Consultant, Simmons & Simmons
  • Vince Lee, Associate, Simmons & Simmons

Topic 5: Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs)
第5讲: 非银行金融机构 (NBFIs)

  • Bin Tan, Senior Legal Counsel, CICC
  • Katie Chen, Senior Director – Non-Bank Financial Institutions, Fitch Ratings

Topic 6: Accelerating the Settlement Cycle: T+0/ T+1/ T+2
第6讲: 加速结算周期:T+0/ T+1/ T+2

  • Wei Liu, Settlement Business Department, China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited (CSDC)
  • George Jia, Country Manager, Greater China, DTCC
  • Jacky Lam & Kalvin Chao, VP, On Exchange Clearing and Settlement, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX)

Topic 7: ESG and Sustainable Finance
第7讲: 环境、社会和管治(ESG)与可持续金融

  • Ivan Liu, Compliance Consultant, ESG, ComplianceAsia
  • Dan Chi Wong, Head of ESG Integration, APAC, Schroders
  • Ronald Wu, Executive Director, Head of ESG & Sustainability Research, APAC, UBS

Topic 8: CNY vs CNH: Trading and Settlement
第8讲: 在岸人民币与离岸人民币:交易和结算

  • Nicole Hu, Head of Trading, ANZ
  • Xuemin Tong, Trader, BlackRock CCB Wealth Management

Topic 9: Digitalisation: Tokenised Securities and CBDCs Explained
第9讲: 数字化:代币化证券与央行数字货币(CBDC)

  • Alison Leung, Senior Associate, King & Wood Mallesons
  • G. Bin Zhao, Senior Economist, PwC China

Topic 10: Derivatives in and outside China: Exchange Traded, OTC and Netting
第10讲: 境内与境外的衍生品:场内、场外与净额结算

  • Bin Tan, Senior Legal Counsel, CICC
  • Terry Yang, Partner, Clifford Chance
  • Jessy Cheng, Associate, Clifford Chance

Topic 11: Primary Markets: Chinese IPOs and Bond Issuance Explained
第11讲: 一级市场:中国IPO与中资债券境外发行

  • Xudong Tao, Partner, Jun He Law Offices
  • Sherry Cui, Partner, Linklaters

Topic 12: Greater Bay Area Development: Current and Future Schemes
第12讲: 大湾区发展:当前与未来规划

  • Jeffrey Peng, MD, Head of Wealth Management China, Deutsche Bank
  • Grace Yu, Partner, Fangda Partners
  • Minny Siu, Partner, King & Wood Mallesons

Enrollment Fees 系列费用 :

  • For the entire Series: USD$220 (RMB¥1,430) for ASIFMA member firms and Partner Associations; USD$270 (RMB¥1,755) for non-members
  • For bulk registrations (10 participants or more via a firm coordinator), a 20% discount on the total fees will be offered. You may contact to check whether your firm has designated a registration coordinator yet.
  • Access is not transferrable between individuals and will be monitored both during the webinars and on the website. Transfer requests from one registrant to another under bulk registrations will be considered under certain circumstances at the discretion of ASIFMA.
  • No refund will be available for cancellation after registration.
  • 本期全期费用:亚证协会员和伙伴协会:220美元(1,430人民币);非会员:270美元(1,755人民币)
  • 团体报名(公司协调人为10名或以上学员统一报名),对总费用给予20%折扣。您可以联系,确认您的公司是否已有指定的报名协调人。
  • 课程使用权不得转让他人,参加网络研讨会和访问网站时均将进行监控。特定情形下,亚证协将酌情考虑允许团体报名的学员将课程转让与他人。
  • 报名成功后概不退款

Certificate, Accreditation 证书与认证 :

  • Those who attend at least 8 live webinar sessions as well as complete the requisite number of surveys will be issued with an electronic Proof of Attendance at the end of the series.
  • Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) Continuous Professional Training (CPT) points will be granted for those located in Hong Kong for live sessions attended.
  • Attendance at relevant live sessions counts as CPD activity for holders of HKMA Enhanced Competency Framework certifications with relevant job roles.
  • Similar accreditation is being sought in other jurisdictions.
  • 位于香港的学员,参加实时网络研讨会后,可获香港证监会(SFC)持续专业培训(CPT)时数。参加与工作岗位相关的实时网络研讨会后,可记为持证人香港金融管理局专业资历架构持续职业发展(CPD)活动。其他地区的类似认证,正在争取中。
  • 修完至少8堂网络研讨会,并同时完成要求数量问卷的学员,结业时将获得电子版结业证明。

Inquiry 联系方式 :

The Series Factsheet can be downloaded here. Please contact ASIFMA Education & Training Division at for further questions.


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