ASIFMA Virtual Event:

ESG and Sustainable Finance in Asia:
the Fintech and Data Challenge
(in collaboration with the Future of Sustainable Data Alliance)


4:00PM – 5:30PM HKT

Overview of the Event

Title: ESG and Sustainable Finance in Asia:
the Fintech and Data Challenge

Date: Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Time: 4:00PM – 5:30PM HKT | Time Zone Converter

CPT Hours: 1.5 (SFC). To qualify for this, participants are required to attend the entire event.

Admission: Complimentary 
(HK$150 event registration fee will be applied for participants who request for an electronic Proof of Attendance.)

Areas to cover: 

  • Tech and ESG are two investment ‘megatrends that are increasingly converging, as challenges in delivering ESG reveal opportunities to improve the use and quality of data as well as technology such as AI.  What is the state of play regarding technology to address ESG-related data challenges?  Are any of these challenges specific to Asia?  
  • More broadly, how else is technology being used to support ESG investment, sustainable finance generally, and risk management and compliance related to climate and environmental management?  To support supervisors in relation to sustainability and ESG? 
  • Which areas – from ESG investment to green lending and social and climate finance to compliance with environmental standards – are most ripe for further technological innovation?  Which countries are most advanced in applying technology to ESG and sustainable finance? 
  • Along with varying disclosure standards, inconsistent data itself was identified as the greatest ESG data challenge in our interim ASIFMA/FOSDA report, ‘Data Challenges relating to ESG and Sustainable Finance in Asia Pacific’. Is there a role for tech (e.g. blockchain, AI, machine learning) to address data comparability and lack standardized disclosure requirements?  Is there are role for tech in analysis of data and decision-making to support ESG investment decision-making?  In reporting?  
  • How are ESG and Sustainable Finance challenges similar or different to challenges faced elsewhere in financial services which are already being solved by new technology?  What can other sectors such as insurance teach us about use of technology in risk management? 
  • What is needed from a policy and regulatory perspective to scale these ESG and sustainable finance-related technology?  What is needed in terms of market structures provided by the private sectors?  What incentives and penalties could help drive necessary innovation? 


4:00pm   Welcome Remarks 

Matthew Chan Matthew Chan
Executive Director – Head of Policy and Regulatory Affairs

4:00pm-4:10pm   Keynote 1

Ramesh Subramaniam
Director General
Southeast Asia Regional Department
Asian Development Bank

4:10pm-4:20pm   Keynote 2

Julia Walker
Global Head of Government and Industry Affairs for Sustainable Finance

4:20pm-5:30pm   Panel Discussion

Gabriel Wilson-Otto Gabriel Wilson-Otto
Global Head of Sustainability Research
BNP Paribas Asset Management
Kamran Khan Kamran Khan
Head of ESG for Asia Pacific
Deutsche Bank
Eugène Goyne
EY Asia-Pacific Financial Services Regulatory Lead
Helena Fung
Head of Sustainable Investment, Asia Pacific
FTSE Russell
Helene Li Helene Li
General Manager
Fintech Association of Hong Kong;
Matthew Chan Matthew Chan
Executive Director – Head of Policy and Regulatory Affairs
ASIFMA (moderator)



For event enquiries, please contact or phone +852 2531 6532.

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