Christine Loh

Chief Development Strategist, Institute for the Environment
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Christine Loh is Chief Development Strategist at the Institute for the Environment at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and Visiting Scholar at Center for Global Management, the Anderson School of Management, UCLA. She was formerly Undersecretary for the Environment in Hong Kong. In her role, she created new dialogue platforms between the government and business sectors to strengthen Hong Kong’s capacity to meet climate change and environmental challenges.

Prof. Loh currently serves as Director and trustee of CDP Worldwide, and holds directorships in the Global Maritime Forum, New Forests Pty Limited, and Towngas Smart Energy Company Limited. She is also a member of BASF’s Stakeholder Advisory Council.

Prof. Loh has been involved in non-profit activities ranging from the arts to the environment, to urban development to equal opportunity and constitutional reform. She is well known for her work in designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue processes to help deepen and broaden understanding on public issues.

Prof. Loh holds a Master of Law degree in Chinese and Comparative Law from City University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor of Laws degree from University of Hull. She has been awarded the Honorary degrees of Doctor of Law by University of Hull and Doctor of Science by University of Exeter.