Andrew Howard

Senior Director, Climate Policy and Strategy

Andrew Howard is the Senior Director for Climate Policy and Strategy at Verra, where he leads strategic engagement to develop opportunities for Verra’s carbon-related standards and build greater ambition in climate action. He works with initiatives in the voluntary market as well as governmental and intergovernmental programs to shape new frameworks for private and public sector finance.

Andrew has been developing climate policy and carbon markets for over 20 years. As a consultant before joining Verra, he worked with government clients, international institutions, and business groups. Prior to this, Andrew worked with the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat to build carbon markets under the Kyoto Protocol, including the Clean Development Mechanism, international emissions trading and Kyoto’s international accounting framework and infrastructure. He later led the secretariat’s strategic development of carbon markets, including by coordinating the UNFCCC negotiations on markets and the development of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.