Ian Drew

Regional Head of Climate and Nature-Related Risk, Asia

Ian Drew is HSBC’s Regional Head of Climate and Nature-Related Risk, Asia. A second line role, this gives him responsibility for delivering the frameworks for the management of these risks in line with regulatory expectations across the region. HSBC is supporting the development of the TNFD framework globally and Ian is to represent HSBC on the ASEAN TNFD Consultation Group.

His undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Oxford University included a thesis considering the use of early forms of machine learning to predict outcomes based on incomplete data. Following that he trained as a Chartered Accountant with one of the Big 4 Firms and entered banking in 1993.

In banking, he initially worked within the front office advising on and providing financing for environmental, social, transport and energy infrastructure in mature and emerging markets in Europe and Latin America; in many cases via what would now be considered blended finance. He moved to a wholesale credit risk role in Europe, focusing on the resources and energy, transportation and construction and building materials sectors, a role that included responsibility for Sustainability Risk in Europe.

Ian moved to Asia in 2011 and has had wholesale credit roles, finance, regional oversight, and governance roles since that time.