Jun Mizuguchi (2019 EU-Asia)

Co-chair, IOSCO Asia-Pacific Regional Committee; Senior Deputy Commissioner for International Affairs
Financial Services Agency of Japan (JFSA)

Jun Mizuguchi is Senior Deputy Commissioner for International Affairs, Financial Services Agency of Japan (JFSA), in charge of IOSCO matters and Monitoring Board of IFRS Foundation.
Mr. Mizuguchi currently holds a number of leadership positions at IOSCO. In January 2019, Mr. Mizuguchi was appointed Co-Chair of the IOSCO Follow-Up Group to the Task Force on Cross Border Regulation with the aim of producing the G20 deliverable for 2019. He has also been serving as Chair of the IOSCO MMoU Monitoring Group which consists of all MMoU signatory jurisdictions since May 2018, as well as Chair of Assessment Group created under the MMoU’s Administrative Arrangement. Mr. Mizuguchi is also Chair of the IOSCO Asia-Pacific Regional Committee since September 2017. In addition, He has been elected as a member of IOSCO Finance and Audit Committee since March 2019.
Mr. Mizuguchi earned master degree in public policy at Harvard Kennedy School. He obtained his bachelor of law degree from the University of Tokyo.