Masayoshi Amamiya (2019 Annual)

Deputy Governor
Bank of Japan

Masayoshi Amamiya took office as deputy governor of the Bank of Japan in March 2018; his present term of office is until March 2023. Prior to this appointment, he served as executive director (2010–18) and as general manager of the Osaka branch (2012–13).

Mr. Amamiya served as director-general in the monetary affairs department (2006–10), as deputy director-general in the secretariat of the policy board (2004–06) and as associate director-general in the bank examination and surveillance department (2002–04).

Since joining the bank in 1979, his career has encompassed fields including policy planning, market and economic research, bank surveillance, and internal management of the bank. Mr. Amamiya holds a BA in economics from the University of Tokyo.