Pauline Wray

Managing Director, Head of Asia & FCT Global Lead
Expand Research

Pauline Wray is the Asia head of Expand Research, co-lead for FinTech Control Tower, and a member of the Expand/BCG Board and Expand Senior Management Committee for Boston Consulting Group. She was appointed in 2017 to the Global Steering Committee of BCG FinTech Control Tower. She is currently leading the building of BCG’s FinTech and InsurTech Insights tool.

Pauline is an expert in financial technology (fintech), regulatory technology (regtech), innovation, financial regulations, and other digital topics. She has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. FinTech Control Tower is a joint venture of BCG and Digital BCG, in collaboration with BCG Digital Ventures, BCG Gamma, and BCG Platinion. It is a leading edge FinTech knowledge and proprietary database monitoring over 26,000 fintechs globally by business line, product/technology, and business model.

As head of Expand Research Asia, Pauline studies and works with major financial institutions, technology companies, and financial services regulators. She founded Asia Expand Consulting PTE LTD, before its acquisition by Boston Consulting Group in 2011.