Peter Pernebo

Global Head of Third Party Risk Management Solutions
KY3P by IHS Markit

Peter Pernebo is Executive Director of Third Party Risk Management, KY3P, a majority owned subsidiary of IHS Markit, where he is leading the commercialization of KY3P’s vendor management portal.

KY3P is a third party risk management SaaS data and information hub, designed in close cooperation with six large multinational banks to provide standardization and efficiency to the third party due diligence process. Prior to joining IHS Markit in 2018, Mr. Pernebo was a Partner with Vistrada LLC and spent eight years leading various engagements with a Goldman Sachs third party risk management office, establishing vendor management policies, procedures and program support infrastructure. From 2004 to 2011, Mr. Pernebo was region vice president for Totality, providing major ecommerce organizations critical infrastructure operations support.

Mr. Pernebo headed the North East branch with responsibilities for sales, service delivery and consulting. As part of the executive leadership team, Mr. Pernebo held responsibilities for product and growth strategies. Totality was acquired by Verizon Business in 2008 and Mr. Pernebo led the integration of Totality services into the existing service offering.