Triyono Gani

Executive Director of Digital Financial Innovation Group
Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (Indonesia Financial Services Authority)

Mr. Triyono Gani earned his bachelor’s degree in Management from Faculty of Economics, Diponegoro University in Semarang, Indonesia. He then went to United Kingdom to pursue his master’s degree in the Graduate School of International Business, University of Bristol.

He is currently the Executive Director of Digital Financial Innovation Group in OJK. In 2017, He was Head of Department of Communication and International Affairs Departement OJK. From early 2016-early 2017 He was the Advisor to OJK’s Board of Commisioners on International Affairs. While previously from 2014-early 2016, he was the Director of International Affairs. Before his deployment in OJK, he has build his extensive career in Bank Indonesia since 1994.

His areas of expertise include digital financial innovation, banking, international business, knowledge management and economic/business intelligent, as well as risk management and risk based supervision.