ASIFMA is pleased to present the flagship event - ASIFMA Annual Conference 2015: Developing Asia's Capital Markets.

Building on the successful and high momentum in the industry, the Annual Conference is an industry-wide event, providing a unique opportunity for global and regional policy makers, high-level regulators and industry representatives from both sell-side and buy-side firms to meet and discuss important issues affecting the development of Asia’s capital markets.

The event this year has received valuable support from 28 sponsors, 21 endorsers and 13 media partners. We have confirmed over 100 regional policy-makers, high-caliber industry influencers and senior markets practitioners to participate in the event.Among speakers we have representation from SFC, FSTB, MAS, OJK, ASIC, SEC Philippines, EU Commission, CFTC as well as other key industry players. The event expects over 400 attendees.

The annual conference is designed to rotate among various locations across the region and this year Hong Kong has been selected as the location given its significance as an international financial hub. Read this year's program here and to learn more of the conference here.


Please read here for Sponsorship Package.

Review of ASIFMA Annual Conference 2014 summary here, for more details, you may also visit 2014 and 2013 edition.

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