ASIFMA is pleased to present our 8th annual Asian edition of China Capital Markets Conference.

With the continuous and valuable support from our members, the regulatory bodies and the key industry influencers, ASIFMA has strengthened its foundation in China as part of its overall advocacy efforts to further develop the country’s capital markets, which is a key area of focus for us. We aim at continuing the high-level dialogues among the significant stakeholders at ASIFMA's 8th China Capital Markets Conference, from which we will explore a broad coverage of China’s capital markets including fixed income, currencies, equities, asset management and regulatory topics.

This signature conference of ASIFMA provides an industry-wide and timely platform for global and regional policymakers, senior regulators, sell side, asset managers, corporate treasurers, infrastructure and green financing firms, fintech firms and China-watchers to discuss the various developments of China's capital markets.

It recorded attendance from 300 to 500 in the past years and participants enjoyed the in-depth and comprehensive dialogues as well as the active networking sessions. We received very positive feedback from them who found the speakers compelling, the discussions highly informative and interactive, and the debates interesting and thought provoking.


View 2017 edition here and read more the previous edition here.

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