ASIFMA Virtual Event:

EU Policy Response to COVID-19 to Support the Markets and Economy


5:00PM-6:00PM HK/SIN

Overview of the Event

Title: ASIFMA Virtual Event: EU Policy Response to COVID-19 to Support the Markets and Economy

Date: Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Time: 5:00PM-6:00PM HK/SIN | Time Zone Converter

CPT Hours: 1.0 (SFC). To qualify for this, participants are required to attend the entire event.


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Areas to cover

  • What are the measures the EU Commission and ECB have put in place to support the markets and the economy?  How has this been coordinated with the member states measures?  
  • What sectors of the markets are and aren’t responding to central bank measures? 
  • What are the remaining hotspots (e.g. equities, NIG credit, certain sovereigns)? 
  • What signs to look for in terms of future stress? 
  • How do you think COVID-19 will ultimately change the regulatory environment going forward? What are some of the risks?  What has COVID-19 shown us about existing regulation? 
  • How has the EU been handling the trade and economic tensions arising from the COVID crisis, including with Asian countries? 
  • How will this impact the EU sustainability agenda?  


Roxana de Carvalho Roxana de Carvalho
Head of the Governance and External Affairs Department
Almoro Rubin de Cervin Almorò Rubin De Cervin
Acting Director General Affairs, Head of Unit International Affairs
European Commission
Roxana de Carvalho Mark Austen
ASIFMA (moderator)



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