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European Securitisation Forum

Provides access to details on forum projects and news items, as well as research reports, statistics and European securitisation related links.

European High Yield Association

The EHYA is a trade association representing participants in the European high yield market.

American Securitisation Forum

The ASF is a broadly-based professional forum through which participants in the U.S. securitization market can advocate their common interests on important legal, regulatory and market practice issues.

The Asset Managers Forum

Formed by a group of securities processing professionals affiliated with various asset management firms in response to a long-standing need on the Street; namely, the opportunity for sellside and buyside operations professionals to jointly pursue the development of mutual industry-wide securities processing or operations projects and enhancements.


Other Useful Links

The International Asset-Backed Securities Market has experienced rapid growth in recent years and is expected to continue to gain in importance over the next decade. The following collection of U.S. domestic and international websites contain a variety of sources that provide information on the global ABS market including research reports, credit ratings and general market news.



A portal offering prospectus and reporting services for asian ABS issues.

Asian Bonds Online

An ASEAN+3 initiative, supported by the Asian Development Bank and funded by the Government of Japan, offers easy, centralized access to information about the region’s rapidly developing bond markets. Data on current market activities, the legal and regulatory framework of each market, monitors government policies and initiatives affecting the industry.

Bondsonline Quotes and Data

Provides instant access to historic and end-of-day prices and descriptive information for over 3.5 million stocks and bonds, 25,000 US and global indices, current and historic spread data for US corporate bonds, as well as many other securities covering major and emerging markets and exchanges across the globe.

Emerging Markets Companion

Provides access to research and headline news for variety of securities in emerging market countries.

European Transaction Bank

Provides transaction services for the international market in the areas of securities and payments processing.

Financial Guaranty Insurance Company (FGIC)

Financial Guaranty Insurance Company (FGIC)

Provides information about the wide range of insurance available to domestic and international ABS issuers.

Global Financial Markets Institute

Provides interactive, instructor-led and online training to banks, insurance firms, investment banks and regulators.

Global Insight

Provides access to historical databases containing both domestic and international fixed income securities data, in addition to historical economic and financial news information.


Hosts bond prospectus and MTN programmes from all Asian countries including domestic markets. Our portal can assist investors, issuers, regulators and lawyers in evaluating new markets. Our service also cover global ABS, CDO and other structured finance sectors in addition to major international markets. We are based in HK and have excellent coverage of Asian markets including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and India.

International Securitisation Report

Provides access to news and analysis on issuance of and investments in international asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities.

London Stock Exchange

Provides access to information about the exchange, in addition to current market news, prices and key primary market statistics.


Provides stock quotes, a snapshot of the equity markets and a listing of the companies currently trading on this exchange.


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