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ASIFMA Annual Conference: Developing Asia’s Capital Markets

1-2 November 2018, Singapore

Overview of the Event

Building on the successful and high momentum in the industry, ASIFMA Annual Conference was an industry-wide event, providing a unique opportunity for global and regional policy makers, high-level regulators and industry representatives from both sell-side and buy-side firms to meet and discuss important issues impacting the development of Asia’s capital markets.

Well-established as a cornerstone industry event, ASIFMA Annual Conference spanned two days and attracted over 400 high-caliber participants from within the region and around the globe. Continuing the collaboration from last year, we once again worked in conjunction with the EU-Asia Financial Services Forum hosted by Securities Commission Malaysia and co-organized with the European Commission that took place in Malaysia on 31 October 2018 (the day prior to our annual event, and one-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore). As such, many of the heads of regulatory agencies in Asia and senior EU Commission officials were in town and this substantially increased the overall profile of this year’s event.

Aligning this annual event, ASIFMA and Afore Consulting co-hosted the EU-Asia Financial Services Dinner Reception in a separate venue (Aura Sky Lounge, National Gallery Singapore) for selected senior regulators, institutional investors and dinner sponsors on Day 1 evening.

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Event Factsheet

  Dates: Thursday-Friday, 1-2 November 2018
  Location: Marina Mandarin Hotel Singapore – Marina Mandarin Ballroom, Level 1 (6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore 039594)
  Objective: This flagship annual event of ASIFMA is a high-level, industry-wide event, providing a unique opportunity for global and regional policy makers, senior regulators and industry representatives from both sell side and buy side to meet and discuss important issues impacting the development of Asia’s capital markets.
  Program format: Two-day conference with keynote speeches, panels, concurrent roundtables and networking sessions.
  Speaker: Global and Asian policy makers, regulators, central banks, industry experts and senior representatives from sell-side and buy-side communities.
  Sponsorship: To effectively engage this esteemed audience and connect with the global and regional community, various sponsorship packages with speaking slot inclusion and advertising opportunities are open to ASIFMA members and non-members for more brand and marketing exposure as well as increasing lead generation.
  Delegate profile: Expecting 400-500 high-level regulators, policy makers, industry experts, sell-side and buy-side representatives, initially by invitation and then marketed to a wider audience.
  Marketing: The conference is promoted through engagement of ASIFMA members in Asia and internationally, and by leveraging the contacts and connections of the conference Endorsers and
  Media Contact: The conference is open to the media except EU-Asia Financial Service Dialogue and EU-Asia Financial Services Dinner Reception on 1 Nov 2018 as well as Afternoon Concurrent Workshops on 2 Nov 2018. For all media inquiry, please contact our Head of Communication, Corliss Ruggles, at cruggles@asifma.org.
  ASIFMA Contact: Michelle Cheung, Head of Events and Conferences at mcheung@asifma.org.
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The full program was as follows:

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DAY 1: Thursday 1 November 2018

DAY 2: Friday 2 November 2018


We were honored to have confirmed the following distinguished speakers for the conference. 

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  • All Speakers
  • Welcome Remarks
  • Keynote(s)
  • Panel 1: Perspectives on the Global Regulatory Agenda and the Impact on Asia
  • Panel 2: Impact of Macro-economic and Geopolitical Situation on Capital Markets
  • Panel 3: What will Capital Markets Look Like in 2025? - The Future of the Industry
  • CEO Panel: State of the Industry in Asia
  • Panel AM1: Investment Performance and Accountability
  • Panel AM2: Opportunities in ASEAN Markets
  • Panel AM3: ETF Development in Asia
  • Session I: FinTech Innovation and Regulation- an Asian and European Approach
  • Session II: Equivalence in the Context of Brexit and Beyond- How to Get It Right?
  • Session III: Prudential and Conduct Regulation - Which Spill-over Effects for Which Results?
  • Closing Address
  • Panel A1: China Equity Markets Amidst a Disrupted World Order
  • Panel A2: China’s Debt Markets in the Current Economic Climate
  • Panel A3: Accessing India Financial Markets: Onshore vs Offshore
  • Panel A4: Operations - Implications of Regional and Global Market Shifts in Middle and Back Office
  • Panel A5: Trends in Global IPO Reform: The Impact on Asia
  • Panel B1: Cybersecurity; Privacy and Data Localisation: The Future; Confounding Fintech
  • Panel B2: The Challenges Facing COOs: Balancing Regulatory Compliance with Evolving Business Models in a Cost Constrained Environment
  • Panel B3: AI; Big Data and Machine Learning: Science Fiction or Reality
  • Panel B4: Crypto Currencies and ICOs
  • Panel B5: ESG Finance: Measuring the Impact and Growing the Market
  • Workshop 1: European Benchmarks Regulation: Are There Potential Solutions for Asian Jurisdictions and Regulators?
  • Workshop 2: Individual Accountability Regimes and Conduct: How will These Develop in Asia?
  • Workshop 3: Regulatory Reporting: What is the Future? Will We Have to Report the Same Data Only Once?
  • Workshop 4: Use of Public Cloud in the Financial Services Industry: Will Regulators Become More Flexible in Allowing its Use?
  • Workshop 5: Instant Messaging: Are There Solutions for Regulatory Compliance?
  • Workshop 6: Driving Diversity in the Financial Services Sector: What Does It Actually Mean in Asia?
  • Closing Remarks
Benjamin Angel_European Commission
Benjamin Angel
Cathie Armour_ASIC
Cathie Armour
Wayne Arnold, ASIFMA
Wayne Arnold
John Baker_Nomura
John Baker
Ugo Bassi_European Commission
Ugo Bassi
Rostin Behnam_CFTC
Rostin Behnam
Steven Billiet_JPM
Steven Billiet
Mark Brady, Venture
Mark Brady
Sian Brown, Barclays
Sian Brown
Antonio Carrascosa_SRB
Antonio Carrascosa
Steven Carroll_Refinitiv
Steven Carroll
Hannah Cassidy_HSF
Hannah Cassidy
Ashwin Chak_Mizuho
Ashwin Chak
Yam Ki Chan, Google
Yam Ki Chan
Mun Fai Cheong_SSGA
Mun Fai Cheong
Chin Ping Chia_MSCI
Chin Ping Chia
Eric Chng_BNY Mellon
Eric Chng
Natalie Curtis, HSF
Natalie Curtis
Wouter Delbaere, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
Wouter Delbaere
Douglas Andrew_DTCC
Andrew Douglas
Jan Eger_Refinitiv
Jan Eger
Hank Erbe_Fidelity
Hank Erbe
Fabrice Filliez_Embassy of Switzerland
Fabrice Filliez
Manu George_Schroders
Manu George
Brad Gibson_AllianceBernstein
Brad Gibson
Christy Goh
Bruce Gosper_Australian High Commission
Bruce Gosper
Gaetan Gosset_Euroclear
Gaetan Gosset
Eugene Goyne
Eugene Goyne
Michael Graham_Goldman Sachs
Michael Graham
William Hallatt_HSF
William Hallatt
Hirotaka Hideshima_Bank of Japan
Hirotaka Hideshima
Derek Ho_Mastercard
Derek Ho
Levin Holle_BNF
Levin Holle
Jonathan Hu_Pengyuan
Jonathan Hu
Lyn I. Javier_Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas
Lyn I. Javier
Rudy Ingkiriwang_Citi
Rudy Ingkiriwang
Satoshi Izumihara_JFSA
Satoshi Izumihara
Mak Judge_Barclays
Mak Judge
Ajai Kaul_Alliance Bernstein
Ajai Kaul
Grant Kirkman, UNFCCC
Grant Kirkman
James Kong, Mizuho
James Kong
Peter Kruschel_BAFIN
Peter Kruschel
Manish Kumar_Accenture
Manish Kumar
Sijukumar Kumaran_Alibaba
Sijukumar Kumaran
Christine Kung_SFC
Christine Kung
Misa Labarile_European Commission
Misa Labarile
David Leach_J.P. Morgan
David Leach
Boon Ngiap Lee_MAS
Boon Ngiap Lee
Vincent Lee_HKMA
Vincent Lee
Phoebe Leung_Bond Connect
Phoebe Leung
Karen Lim_Alliance Bernstein
Karen Lim
Charles Lin_Vanguard
Charles Lin
Stacy Lo_Lexcel Partners
Stacy Lo
Nguyen Quang Long_SSC
Nguyen Quang Long
Karen Loon, PwC
Karen Loon
Hugh Madden_ANX
Hugh Madden
Kelly McKenney_Tradeweb
Kelly McKenney
Iolaire Mckinnon_AMAZON
Iolaire Mckinnon
Mathilde Mesnard_OECD
Mathilde Mesnard
Jakub Michalik, ESMA
Jakub Michalik
Yvonne Mok, SFC
Yvonne Mok
Alex Ng_BNP Paribas
Alex Ng
Leng Ng_Fidelity
Leng Ng
Eric Nietsch, S&P Global
Eric Nietsch
Gilles Noblet_European Central Bank
Gilles Noblet
Benedicte Nolens, FTAHK
Benedicte Nolens
Chong Tee Ong_MAS
Chong Tee Ong
Justin Ong_PwC
Justin Ong
Armin P Choksey_PwC
Armin P Choksey
Jessie Pak_LSEG
Jessie Pak
Patrick Pang, ASIFMA
Patrick Pang
Mandar Parasnis, IFC
Mandar Parasnis
Nigel Phipps_Moodys
Nigel Phipps
Wee Ling Phua_MAS
Wee Ling Phua
Winnie Pun_Blackrock
Winnie Pun
Shuli Ren_Bloomberg
Shuli Ren
Jon Rout_Digital Asset Holdings
Jon Rout
Anushka Shah_Moodys
Anushka Shah
Phil Shah, Refinitv
Phil Shah
Eugenie Shen_ASIFMA
Eugenie Shen
Lin Shi_HKEX
Lin Shi
Jeanne Stampe, WWF
Jeanne Stampe
James Sullivan_JPM
James Sullivan
Michael Syn_SGX
Michael Syn
Curtis Tai_Jane Street
Curtis Tai
Jenn-Hui Tan_Fidelity
Jenn-Hui Tan
Toshio Tsuiki_BIS
Toshio Tsuiki
Ravi Varanasi_NSE
Ravi Varanasi
Mark Vercruysse_DTCC
Mark Vercruysse
Donna Wacker, Clifford Chance
Donna Wacker
Julia Walker, Refinitiv
Julia Walker
Yixuan Wang_SZSE
Yixuan Wang
Kieran White_Nomura
Kieran White
James Wilkins, UBS
James Wilkins
June Wong_State Street
June Wong
Tim Woodward_BNP Paribas
Tim Woodward
Mark Yallop_Bank of England
Mark Yallop
Timothy Yip_HSBC
Timothy Yip
Hugh Madden_ANX
Hugh Young

Supporting Organizations

ASIFMA expressed our gratitude to the valuable support from our confirmed supporting organizations!

Event Sponsors

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Registration Details

For ASIFMA Annual Conference 2018 -cum- EU-Asia Financial Services Dialogue and Dinner on 1-2 Nov 2018 in Singapore, the pre-registration system has been closed. All new interested parties will be considered as last-minute walk-in guests and please note the following arrangements for these requests:

1. Change your registration / Share your transferable conference pass 

Go to the event venue on-site. Tell our receptionist there whom you replace. Present your business card. Our receptionist will manage the change of name on the original pass. 

2. Add a delegate to the conference   

Additional admission pass can be bought at the reception desk of the event venue on-site. Delegate fee will apply. We accept cash payment in SGD and HKD only given the last-minute request. An official receipt will be sent to you via email after the event upon request.

On-site Delegate Fee:

*Members of ASIFMA, Guests of Conference Sponsors, Endorsers and Afore Consulting – SGD1,180 / HKD6,630 (equivalent to USD850)

*Non-Members – SGD1,390 / HKD7,800 (equivalent to USD1,000) 

No more complimentary pass is available except for approved regulator, institutional investor and corporate treasurer.

3. Add a delegate to the dinner

The EU-Asia Financial Services Dinner is by invitation only. Please submit an application to ccheung@asifma.org for approval, and an admission dinner fee may apply.

4. Cancel a registration 

Send your confirmation of cancellation to gma@asifma.org and ASIFMA will follow up accordingly. 

5. Find out more event details

Please visit the conference website at www.asifma.org/annual2018 for more details, including program, speaker biographies, profiles of supporting organizations, more reference documents, etc.

Media Policy:  
The conference is open to the media except EU-Asia Financial Service Dialogue and EU-Asia Financial Services Dinner Reception on 1 Nov 2018 as well as Afternoon Concurrent Workshops on 2 Nov 2018. For all media inquiry, please contact our Head of Communication, Corliss Ruggles, at cruggles@asifma.org.

ASIFMA reserves the right to revoke registration or deny access to the event. ASIFMA reserves the right to remove, bar, or expel any attendee or guest from the conference for disruptive, disrespectful, or possibly illegal conduct, statements, or actions or for any reason which may tarnish the conference, ASIFMA, or its members, in ASIFMA’s sole discretion.

Venue Location

This conference was held in:

Marina Mandarin Singapore 
Marina Mandarin Ballroom – Level 1
6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore 039594

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