Featured Event

Featured Event

ASIFMA Conference: Capital Markets – Connecting China and the World

27 March 2018


Supported by National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (NAFMII), this conference features Chinese and regional policy-makers and leading industry experts to discuss both inbound and outbound China capital markets via keynotes, panel interactions and networking opportunities. Simultaneous interpretation (SI) in Putonghua and English will be arranged.


  • ASIFMA Conference: Capital Markets – Connecting China and the World
    27 March 2018, Beijing
    This conference brings together experts from industry and the private sector as well as government and regulatory agencies to examine the various issues that are relevant to China in its effort to develop deep and liquid inbound and outbound markets.    
  • ASIFMA 8th China Capital Markets Conference 
    15 May 2018, Hong Kong
    This conference brings together high-level regulators, ASIFMA members and their clients, issuers and treasurers, invited guests of both sell side and buy side to discuss key China capital market developments.
  • ASIFMA Structured Finance Conference: Asian Securitization and Covered Bonds
    27 September 2018, Singapore
    See the previous edition here for reference.
  • ASIFMA US China Capital Markets Seminar
    November 2018, New York City
    See the program of previous edition here for reference.  


  • Thomson Reuters' The ASEAN Regulatory Summit 2018
    8 May 2018, Singapore
    ASIFMA is one of the Supporting Organizations. Complimentary passes will be offered to members who are C-level executives and senior risk, compliance, legal, internal control and audit professionals from banks, financial institutions, corporations, academia and regulators.  
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    • ASIFMA Conference - Accessing India's Capital Markets
      22 February 2018, Mumbai
      Accessing India’s capital markets is at the top of the agenda for Indian regulators, policy makers and market participants.
      Click to read the Final Program & Speaker Biographies, Factsheet and Video Replay.
    • ASIFMA Annual Conference 2017 - Developing Asia's Capital Markets  
      29-30 November 2017
      This flagship annual event of ASIFMA was a high-level, industry-wide occasion, providing a unique opportunity for global and regional policy makers, senior regulators and industry representatives from both sell side and buy side to meet and discuss important issues impacting the development of Asia’s capital markets. This event took place in Hong Kong.  
    • EU-Asia Financial Services Dialogue and Dinner Reception
      30 November 2017
      In conjunction with ASIFMA’s Annual Conference 2017 and IOSCO’s EU-Asia Regulatory Forum, this EU-Asia occasion is to foster high-level dialogues among a selected group of senior EU and Asian regulators, institutional investors, corporates/issuers, industry influencers and dinner sponsors. This event took place in Hong Kong.
      Click to read the draft Factsheet & Sponsorship, 2016 edition and its Review.
    • ASIFMA Infrastructure Conference: The Path to the Belt and Road
      26 September 2017
      The conference focuses on financing-specific topics and more technical-in-nature discussions about the barriers and solutions to financing the Belt and Road. It expects to bring together the Asian and international infrastructure community to meet with the regulators and participate in high-level dialogues around the related key issues. This event took place in Hong Kong.
    • ASIFMA Structured Finance Conference 2017 - Asian Securitization and Covered Bonds  
      7 September 2017
      This cornerstone event brought together once a year the structured finance community from across Asia and the world to meet with the regulatory community, network with issuers and investors, and participate in key policy discussions on ways to develop Asia’s securitization/covered bonds market. This event took place in Hong Kong.
    • ASIFMA KYC Workshop - KYC and Institutional Investors: Opportunities and Challenges in India
      28 February 2017
      KYC is at the top of the agenda for Indian regulators, policy makers and market practitioners. India has shown leadership in taking steps to make the KYC process more efficient and streamlined by establishing a national KYC system which has five interoperable utilities for institutional clients and central KYC records registry (CKYCR) in July 2016. The event took place in Mumbai. 
      Click to read the Program, Factsheet and Sponsorship Proposal.  
    • ASIFMA’s 6th China Capital Markets Conference
      27 April 2016
      ASIFMA's signature annual event bringing together over 300 participants from Asian and global policy-makers and market practitioners to discuss the development of China's capital markets as the country's story has grown beyond offshore RMB and RMB internationalization. The event took place in Singapore.
      Read more about 2015 edition
    • Greening the Financial System: Financing for Sustainable Growth and Development
      25 February 2016
      Co-organized by GFMA, Green Finance Committee (GFC) of China Society for Finance and Banking under The People's Bank of China's (PBOC), this unique symposium convened business leaders, public officials and experts to expand public and private sector understanding, support and collaboration for the creation of a green financial system, and to discuss the broad linkages found between the emerging and developed countries in exploring new opportunities in this critical area.
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    • ASIFMA Annual Conference 2015
      2-3 December 2015 
      The flagship conference brought together senior policy makers, regulators and the industry practitioners from both sell side and buy side to discuss important topics impacting Asian's capital markets. The event took place in Hong Kong.
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    • SIFMA-ASIFMA China Conference
      24 June 2015
      The conference brought together high-level regulators, SIFMA and ASIFMA members, invited industry experts, sell side and buy side to discuss key market developments of China including the RMB internationalization and the Stock Connect. The event tokk place in New York.
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    • ASIFMA Market Liquidity Conference 2015
      16 June 2015
      Modeled on the series of AFME’s annual European Market Liquidity Conference in London, ASIFMA aimed to bring this well-received event to Asia, to facilitate in-depth and genuine debates among regional regulatory representatives, fixed income and foreign exchange communities. The event took place in Singapore.
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