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Inaugural Santa's Helpers Charity Fun Run


Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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  • ASIFMA & Women in Finance Asia Women's Breakfast
    29 November 2017

    WiFA and ASIFMA are delighted to host the Women's breakfast session in the morning of the ASIFMA Annual Conference 2017.

    We invite our male and female delegates and guests to join us to connect and engage on the progress made and battles ahead on gender equality in the financial services industry.

    May Siew Boi Tan - Former CEO of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong)
    Clarence Yang - Director, BlackRock

    Peter Reynolds - Partner, Oliver Wyman

    Location: Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel - Concord & Oasis Room, 8/F (1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)
    Time: 8:00 - 8:45 am (ASIFMA conference commence at 9am)
    Cost: Free

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  • Inaugural Santa's Helpers Charity Fun Run
    12 December 2017

    WiFA invites you to the Inaugural Santa's Helpers run for charity. Gather your friends and colleagues to form a Santa's Helpers team of up to 10 people for a 3K run to raise money for charity over this Christmas period.

    We are partnering with Operation Santa Claus, Suits for Success and Free to Run. Please join us after the run for drinks and networking at the Best of British.

    Click here for the application form. Contact yuki@tcob-media.com / alexh@tcob-media.com / grace.lee@wifasia.org for more details.                       

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  • Suits for Success Junior

    The pilot of Suits for Success Junior launched in June 2017 and has been a great success. Thanks to the dedication of Siddharth Sengupta, an international school student and a Life Scout with the Boy Scouts of America, a further collection of 260 kgs of quality clothing was distributed across the Suits for Success and wider beneficiary network this summer. Well over a hundred young people in Hong Kong benefitted from smart clothing to use for internships, education interviews or simply to lift their spirits whilst living in challenging environments. Sid, 16 years old, spearheaded the initiative with friends from the Scouts, setting aside afternoons to prepare and market the event, collect, refurbish, wash, and iron (!) the clothing. In addition, he communicated with the Suits team, the NGO's and attended events to give the clothing to new, less privileged friends. He developed some great skills through being involved in Suits for Success Junior and his report showed a wonderful passion for the initiative and the people he met along the way whilst gaining an understanding of the lives of less privileged people here in our city.

    If you would like to hear more about how you can get your children involved in Suits for Success Junior please reach out to the Suits team on suitsforsuccesshk@gmail.com.
  • Suits for Success - All we need is space

    Can you help? Suits for Success needs space. We've outgrown our current infrastructure and are setting up a formal charity to help us manage our sorting and distribution processes more efficiently. We need either a property sponsor or a company with extra room in their existing industrial space, ideally somewhere in the New Territorities, that we can use. If you know someone who can help or have any suggestions for us, please let us know on suitsforsuccesshk@gmail.com

WiFA Likes

  • HKU Force for Good Initiative
    27-29 November 2017

    University of Hong Kong and BRIDGE are embarking on a pioneering programme - 'HKU Force for Good Initiative' - in November this year to create a sexual harassment free environment in the Hong Kong workplace. They would like to invite your organization to be part of this programme and hope that you may send one (or more) of your influential leaders from the company.

    The programme will comprise a three-day event from 27th - 29th November in Hong Kong and is being supported by a myriad of Hong Kong sectors such as corporates, education, government, police and civil society.

    Benefits for Your Organization
    Business in Hong Kong can play a powerful role in creating a sexual harassment free working environment and can open significant business opportunities in parallel. The initiative will be dedicated to exploring how the various sectors can work together on this issue to create strategic solutions that will be implemented as well as opportunities to strengthen relationships across many influential people in Hong Kong.

    The programme will be facilitated by BRIDGE, a global leadership development organisation whose mission here is to bring together leaders from a number of sectors and guide them to insight breakthroughs that will help strategise solutions to the world’s seemingly impossible problems.

    Every person you put forward will not only learn many of the most progressive leadership methods available, but also have access to a dedicated professional coach who will support their continued learning and development for at least one year afterwards. The learnings, skills, tools and frameworks that will be introduced and adopted in your participation have been designed in such a way that they encourage these participants to introduce them back to your organization afterwards.

    As they are aiming to bring the most passionate, progressive and influential members from various sectors, they are not attaching any costs to attend this programme.

    They would like you to send a senior leader (s) of your organization who is inspired to make a difference to this issue, to Hong Kong and its community. Leaders with a strong interest in the people and purpose of your organization should be very suitable (e.g. HR, Diversity & Inclusion, CSR, Learning and Development).

    For a one-page invitation, please read here>
    For a supporting deck of additional information - Overview, Organisation Benefits

    Relevant web pages of the various partners below:
    HKU - https://www.hku.hk/
    Centre for Criminology - http://www.crime.hku.hk/web/
    BRIDGE - http://bridge-partnership.com/
    Bridge Institute – https://www.bridge-institute.org/
    HeForShe - http://www.heforshe.org/en

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